Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wardrobes

Sliding Wardrobes London
Sliding Wardrobes London

There are different aspects and elements that come together to shape your bedroom. From the wall colours to the decor and from the windows to your wardrobes; everything needs to be in synchronization to achieve the desired outcome.

Amongst various needed accessories, sliding wardrobes are one of the most important ones. It plays a huge role in your space. From storage to aesthetics; it fulfils a wide range of elements to ensure that your bedroom looks well put together.

The placement, design, and material of the wardrobe play a huge role in your room’s final outlook. They can have a huge influence on the ambience of your space. With professional Sliding Wardrobes London experts, you can personalize your wardrobe to perfection, according to your needs and requirements.

But it all begins with making the right choices!

Tips to Choose the Best Wardrobe for your Bedroom:

There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the best wardrobe for your bedroom. And we have listed all of them, right here. Keep reading.

1. Style and Design:

Once you have chosen the type of wardrobe you want, you have to focus on the style and design. And this is very important. You want to make sure that the colour you choose is going perfectly with the overall bedroom vibe. It should match your theme. Do not opt for a wardrobe that is poles apart from your bedroom furniture and theme. Choose hues when selecting the right style and design for your wardrobe as they blend easily with all types of palettes. Or you can opt for monotones of the colour of your bedroom too.

2. Storage Needs:

If you are getting bespoke sliding wardrobes London-made, then you must pay attention to your storage needs. This brings you a chance to tailor your wardrobe according to your requirements. You can add a number of drawers, shelves, and racks, as per your requirements. Evaluate your storage needs and then make a choice.

Sliding Wardrobes London
Sliding Wardrobes London

3. Material:

People usually opt for wood for their wardrobes; it is more of a standard material. However, acrylic and laminate are also good choices to make. Whatever material you choose, you must make sure that it is durable and weather resistant. Furthermore, it must go well with your room’s overall theme as well. You must take your time when choosing the right material because your wardrobe will be protecting a lot of your items. Thus, you want to make sure that you are choosing a reliable, durable, and safe material.

4. Type of Wardrobe:

To begin with, you have to choose the type of wardrobe you want. Are you looking for a fitted wardrobe or do you want to invest in Sliding Wardrobes Birmingham? There are various options to choose from. Built-in wardrobes fitted wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes; you name it and you will get a stunning type, out there in the market. Sliding wardrobes are certainly trending a lot lately and they look absolutely chic too.

5. Size:

Lastly, you have to choose the right size. For smaller rooms, a sliding wardrobe or a single-door wardrobe would be fine. If you are planning to dedicate an entire room to it, then a walk-in wardrobe room is a great solution. Take accurate measurements before giving them to the wardrobe manufacturer. You can also pay them to take the measurements for you. Sunlight KB is a great sliding wardrobes London designer and fitter, that can help you with measurements and further suggest the best wardrobe type for you, according to your space.


Sliding wardrobes are trending a lot lately. They are easier to manage and are great for fulfilling your storage requirements as well. However, no matter what type of wardrobe you opt for, it is important to evaluate its style, colour, design, size, and material of it before making an investment. Assess your storage needs and then get your required drawers and racks installed in it as well. You can contact Sunlight KB for personalized, bespoke wardrobes as they design them precisely according to your requirements.


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