Working Process of Proportional Air Valve


The basic reason for using the proportional air valve pneumatic is to control the flow rate for fluids like liquids & gasses. But that depends on the flow passage size via the restrictor. The regulating fluid flow rate adjusts the parameters constantly, which impacts the process of the system, temperature, level, and pressure. Minor parameters include density, ph, thickness, humidity, color, viscosity, and weight. In this guidepost, we are going to mention the working of the hydraulic proportional valve.

What is a Proportional Control Valve & What is the Function of a Proportional Valve:

The proportional valves can change the outgoing pressure of fluids when there are fluctuations in the incoming pressure of fluids. These valve are also known as the electrohydro valve. This proportional air valve offers a few similar functionalities to a hydraulic servo. The spool of the proportional control valve is driven with the ease of solenoid in this type of valve. 

The major difference between these valves is that the servo valve is utilized in the closed-loop systems, while the proportional pressure controlling valves are used as the direction controller. But both the valves can be used as the directional regulator valves. This auction is done with the help of electronic signals. 

What are the Features of a Proportional Solenoid Valve:

The proportional air valve is usually used for the closed control system loop, and these pressure control valves can be managed with electrical inputs using sensors. Because of this property, these air actuated valves can be used in different applications. The proportional pressure controlling valve offers a view of basic features. It includes the features of interruption of the electrical input; in case of power failure, the valve gets closed quickly. The best feature is that it has a long lifespan and requires less maintenance compared to the other valve its types. 

How Proportional Valve Works:

The proportional flow controlling valve combines hydraulic valve actuation and advanced electronic automated controls. The hydraulic circuit’s fluid pressure will be reduced when you use the proportional air valve. When the proportional pressure controlling valve is used, it decreases the number of the component in the hydraulic system. The fluid flow changes on the pneumatic pinch valve flow control according to the electronic input signals. 

The valve generates the output from proportional to electronic controlled inputs. The generated output will be in three forms and it would be in the form of:

  1. Pressure 
  2. Direction
  3. The flow of liquid.

The coil used in the Proportional air valve worked on the DC current so that you are not required to worry about the variation of voltage. The valve will produce the variable force that is helpful for shifting the spool of the fluid. Here, you must know that air operated pinch valve is considered the most efficient & precise management valves in different industries. It includes the management of leakage testing and liquid filling. If you want to use it, then don’t worry because these valvesi s are easily available for commercial & domestic use. 



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