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conference room schedule display

Keep Your Conference Room Schedule Displayed and Up-To-Date

Keeping your conference room schedule display and up-to-date is a challenge if you have numerous meetings going on simultaneously in one conference room. There can be several scheduling conflicts with many people looking to use the same conference room at various times of the day or week. It’s hard to keep your conference room schedule updated and accurate, mainly if you rely on handwritten notes on a whiteboard or even sticky notes that can easily get lost or misplaced. But there is an easier way to do this!

The three main reasons to have scheduled updates on your display

  1. An up-to-date conference room display is a great way to show your attendees that you are attentive to their needs.
  2. When meetings, speakers, or events change unexpectedly during the day, a scheduled update can alert employees of the time change.
  3. The system allows for room scheduling capacity so your clients can schedule ahead of time, which opens up additional business opportunities for you.

A simple way to schedule updates in advance

If you’re using a room scheduling display to let attendees know the availability of your conference rooms, then it can be challenging to schedule updates in advance without alerting them. You’ll need to include advanced room updating capability on your system to schedule updates on days other than the day they will be displayed. Just upload a new PowerPoint or any file with room scheduling information from your laptop into a room display update folder and then type that file’s name into a scheduled auto-run time for the presentation.

Scheduling your updates in minutes

Keeping a room schedule display up to date can be frustrating. With conference room scheduling software, you can schedule updates to your digital signage in minutes, saving your time and the frustration of keeping an overview of the room’s status.

Everyday use cases for the schedule feature

Room scheduling displays not only provide attendees with their up-to-date schedule but also allow meeting room owners to easily see who is in the meeting room, when they will leave the room and what they’re working on. With a touch of a button, conference rooms can also be reserved for meetings. The system even sends notifications to let you know if your room has been double booked or if someone forgot to put their laptop away before leaving.

What happens if you don’t schedule updates?

It may become outdated or stop working altogether if you don’t update your conference room display. It’s essential to schedule updates for the conference room display or make sure the software is set up so that changes are automatically posted. This ensures that it is always displaying accurate information and minimizes confusion.

Other ways you can control your display

Plan in advance to know what topics you will cover during your meeting. Having a rough outline will let you see how long the session will be so that you can adjust the meeting’s schedule. It’ll also help you decide how many times or how often the information needs to be repeated. Send a plan ahead of time so attendees know what will be covered in the session, even if they couldn’t attend or review beforehand.


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