Why to Plan Rajasthan Tour Package?

Why to Plan Rajasthan Tour Package?
Why to Plan Rajasthan Tour Package?

Rajasthan Tour Package

Rajasthan tour packages- one of the most book tour package in India. So, let’s check why to plan Rajasthan tour packages to know India in a beautiful way.

Local Traditional Shopping

This destination is one of the top shopping sites in India. Indeed, shopping in this neighborhood is a great opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of the city. Only Jaipur offers the finest selection of ethnic handicrafts, handicrafts and fine antiques.

Shopping Tour Package to Rajasthan

Johari Bazar and Bapu Bazar are two of the most important places to visit while Jaipur sightseeing tour. If you’re looking for everything from antiques to accessories, head to Jodhpur. The best possibilities are Clock Tower Market or Nai Sarak. You should ask your tour planner to add a shopping site in your Rajasthan tour packages.

These two bazaars in Rajasthan are known for their unique wares including Rajasthani miniature paintings in Hathi Pol and Bada Bazar in Udaipur. Pushkar’s Sadar Bazaar is another fun shopping destination, where you can buy everything from puppets to leather goods, textiles and more.

Stepwells Of Notoriety

Like most of northern India, Rajasthan is plagued by water shortages, called baori in the local language. These are striking stepwells that retain water in an eye-catching way. Also, Panna Mian ki Baoli near Amer Jaipur is another well-known destination.

The Rani Ji Ki Baori & Nagar Sagar Kund near Bundi, as well as Christopher Nolan’s portrayal of Abhaneri Chand Baori’s prison in The Dark Knight Rises, is other well-known landmarks in the area.

Rajasthani Cuisine

The distinctive climate and geography of Rajasthan has also influenced their diet. Due to the lack of water and the arid environment, the local cuisine has developed its unique characteristics. It is common to add lots of dairy products, but the main components are dried beans and lentils like jowar, bajra or gram flour.

All meals include large amounts of ghee. Non-vegetarian foods are just as popular as vegetarian dishes. “laal maas”, “jungle maas”, “safed maas” and “khargosh” are all examples of this type of dish.

The Local People

Something about the people of Rajasthan that makes exploring this arid region less daunting and more enjoyable than any other Indian state. “Atithi Devo Bhava” is the cultural ideal of Rajasthan, and its people are generally kind and down to earth. If you want to know more about the culture, customs or art of Rajasthan, you will find a welcome host in this state.

Beautiful Lakes

In Rajasthan, there are several beautiful lakes. Others enhance the attractiveness of the surrounding environment while serving as landmarks. Lake Pichola in Udaipur City, of course, is unmatched in terms of attractiveness.

Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir are two man-made islands in a freshwater lake surrounded by a ring of man-made islands. Then there is Mount Abu’s Nakki Lake, which is considered a holy place. It should also be noted that India’s most important inland salt lake, Sambhar Salt Lake, is a major tourist attraction.


Tourists are flocking to Rajasthan, one of India’s top destinations. We believe that you will enjoy some events here because of the rich history, amazing cities and monuments, and other attractions.

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