Why Does Your Dog Cross His Paws Like A Human?


Have you ever noticed your dog crossing its paws as if praying or begging for food? This position, often known as “good paws,” is adorable and may make you want to do whatever your dog asks for. You might even want to photograph and share it on your social media platforms. But have you ever wondered why dogs join their paws like that?


You may find dogs crossing paws for various reasons, such as to communicate any discomfort they are facing, they may feel comfortable in that position, or they might have learned to do so to get treats. This article discusses why pets stand with their paws crossed cutely and expressively.


  • They are communicating about a disease

Since dogs cannot communicate verbally, they use their heads, ears, tails, and other portions of their body to express their feelings or requirements. By crossing its paws, your pet may be trying to gain your attention or communicate with you through body language that it is experiencing intense emotions such as fear or delight. Does your dog sit with its front legs crossed in the presence of other dogs? A dog will do this to signal that it is terrified of other animals.


  • Your dog is happy

When your pet is content or needs to rest, it may sit with its paws crossed to express how it feels. So, the next time you notice dogs crossing paws, pay great attention to their body language, as this will help you determine whether it is happy or tired. By paying close attention, you can determine what your dog needs.


If they cross their paws and wiggle their tails, know that your pet is happy and content. However, if you notice them shivering slightly while crossing their legs, know that it is frightening. Look out for such signs to understand what exactly your pet is experiencing.


  • It is a comfortable position for them

Most dogs place their weight directly on their elbows when lying down. However, if a dog remains in this position for an extended period, it will most certainly experience pain and suffering. As a result, when your dog lies down, it may twist its shoulders to relieve the pain caused by putting too much weight on its bones. When your dog rotates its shoulders, his elbows may turn outward, and his legs may cross in the middle. This may give the impression that it is sitting with its legs crossed.


  • They are taught to do so

When sitting, your dog may cross one paw over the other because you unintentionally taught them to do so. When dogs cross their paws, their owners treat them and refer to them as “good boy or girl.” This could act as an example and teach them that crossing their legs will result in a reward. It is referred to as “positive reinforcement.” Similarly, your dog may learn both positive and negative things using this technique. 



Dogs are excellent at expressing their emotions through body language. So it is logical to believe that dogs always cross their paws to express their feelings. Dogs behave in this manner for a variety of reasons. 


The breed of your dog influences its posture as well. Dogs with short legs or broad bodies are unable to cross their legs. When you notice your dog acting strangely, try to figure out why. It will help you better understand your dog and address its requirements.



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