Why Does Cinema HD Buffer so Much?

Fix cinema hd buffer error

Cinema HD is a top video streaming application for Android and fire TV. This is an excellent application for streaming the latest videos. However, there are some issues such as constant buffering. Buffering video is an annoying and undesirable situation.

This buffering error can happen to users at times, but it is easily fixed with Cinema HD. To successfully fix buffering errors it is important to first understand the problem and then take the necessary steps to correct it. This article will help you to understand the cause and corrective steps for a buffering problem on your Cinema HD app. Let’s now discuss the video buffering issue and how you can fix it at home.

Causes of Cinema HD Buffering

This error is common despite the Cinema HD App being a popular app due to its connectivity with many devices and hours of uninterrupted streaming of movies and TV shows for all users. Your streaming may be delayed due to errors. A buffering window will appear on the screen.

  • The Cinema app for Firestick or Android may be experiencing video buffering issues for a variety of reasons. Here are some common reasons your cinema HD buffers:
  • Many cache data have been generated by various applications, including cinema HD. Your device cannot handle this and video streaming is disrupted.
  • The cinema HD app cannot find the appropriate streaming links, which could cause it to lag.
  • Your device’s storage is full. There is no room for additional data. The application cannot find any storage and will lag, failing to play any video.
  • Your internet connection is slow or not functioning at all. This could cause buffering errors.
  • Your ISP may place restrictions on or stop the application. This can lead to lagging and buffering errors.
  • The background applications that are running on your device can cause problems with its performance and even stop it from running.

If you see a buffering message, it could be caused by any of these minor problems. Don’t worry! The methods below can help you resolve any issue that may be caused by the above-mentioned reasons.

How to Fix Cinema HD Buffering Error

There are a number of ways to solve the Cinema HD v2 not working problem. Because the error is small, the solutions are simple to understand and implement. It is easier to fix the error once you have identified the source.

Make sure you are Using the Internet

It is important to verify that your device is connected to the internet at the correct speed. You can use many apps to check your internet speed and you can also reboot your device to increase its speed. If your Cinema app isn’t working for you, follow these steps:

  • Open the fire TV stick on your device and go to the home screen.
  • Next, click the search icon located in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Type the Internet Speed Test App and the app will be found.
  • After you have completed the speed test, you can install it on your device.
  • Open the application to check the speed of your internet. If your internet speed is slow, restart it.

Clear Cache Data

Excessive cache data can be a reason for this problem. Clearing the cache data on your device will resolve to buffer. Then, open the app again to fix the problem. Clearing cache data on Firestick TV is a different process. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, navigate to FirestickTV’s home screen and tap the Settings button.
  • Select applications from the current menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list, and then search for Manage Installed Applications.
  • This will open a list of all installed apps on your device.
  • Select the Cinema HD apk from the list and then open the app menu for the same.
  • Next, select Clear Cache from the menu and click OK.

Close Applications in Background

Close all the applications running in the background. This can slow down your device and cause buffering errors. It also depends on your device priorities. It is possible that the device is being used in another application and forces cinema HD to close. Resolve this issue by simply closing down any other apps.


A buffering error in Cinema HD is a minor problem that you can fix easily by following a few simple steps. Cinema HD with VPN is a secure choice. You can enjoy uninterrupted and unlimited cinema HD apk shows without any interruptions. You can make minor adjustments to your device to fix the problem. It is easier to fix an error if you know what the reason is.

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