Why are Laptops so Expensive?

Buying Laptops

Laptops are the need of everyone at this time. Be it industry, medical field, education, entertainment, science, or commerce, laptops are there to lend you a helping hand. Laptops do a big chunk of things in our everyday life. The rising trend of laptops due to their portability and mobility, laptop generations, a special mobile processor, and powerful configuration are some reasons why laptops are so much expensive.

Especially in this time when COVID-19 has plagued the entire planet, and E-commerce and online education are becoming the norms of the day, the need for laptops is being felt all over the world. But it has been observed that laptops are very expensive and getting more and more expensive day by day. That is the reason that you will hardly find the best gaming and other laptops under five hundred dollars. Why are laptops so expensive? Why do they squeeze so much money from the buyer? What are the reasons for their being so expensive? We will try to find out the answer to these questions.

1: Rising Trend of Buying Laptops 

Today, you will hardly find a person who does have a PC. This is not because of the low performance of PCs. Rather most people attract to laptops due to their convenience and portability. As far as performance is concerned, PCs perform much better than laptops even today. The increasing trend of buying a laptop to carry them has increased the price of laptops and is getting more and more expensive.

On the other hand, the trend of laptops has decreased the price of PCs. Even today, if your priority is not the portability and convenience of laptops, you will surely buy a PC because of its solid performance. On the one side, buying a PC will not cost you much and on the other hand, it will provide you with all the features of a highly expensive laptop. Anyway, it is you who are to make a choice; if you are attracted to the mobility of a laptop, buy it but keep this in mind that it will dry your pocket with its price tag.

2: Laptop Generations

Another reason why laptops are expensive is the laptop generation. If you are searching for a laptop with the latest generation, then obviously a laptop would be expensive. You will find many laptops that come with different core series of their processors. For example, there you will find laptops with third-generation processors and on the other hand, laptops that are 9th-generation laptops. Resultantly, if you want to buy the latest generation laptop, it will definitely cost you more.

As laptop generation affects its price, laptops with old generations are comparatively cheap and do not cost you more. But to cope with the high price of laptops, you can shortlist laptops by keeping in view your budget. If you have an unlimited budget and can afford the latest-generation laptop, then why not buy an 8th or 9th-generation laptop? Simply put, laptop generations make laptops expensive. The later the generation, the more expensive laptop will be.

3: Mobile Processor CPUs

Central Processing Units (CUP) that are used in laptops are also termed, mobile processors. As far as power consumption is concerned, they function in a different manner as compared to other PCs. This is another reason why laptops are expensive some extra money will get into the development of these special processing units. Gaming laptops especially become more expensive in this regard, because they have to achieve robust levels of performance while using the least amount of power.

Important are these power management features in laptops which add some extra amount in the price of laptops. Due to this, you will not find a CPU socket on a laptop motherboard very often. In order to save space, central processing units, by using a BGA (Ball Grid Array) are usually soldered directly to the motherboard. By keeping this in mind, such processors are designed that withstand a certain temperature to allow the soldering process to be successful.

4: Powerful Configuration 

Except for the mobile processor, the configuration and specs of the laptop make it expensive. The more powerful the configuration is, the more expensive the laptop will be. Sleek and beautiful model with good build chassis, high-quality graphics card, very comfortable keyboard, full HD display, long hour battery life resulting in robust and satisfactory performance make laptops very expensive. That specs make the laptop perform even highly intensive computing tasks without a sweat. So, if you are looking for a laptop that possesses all these features, that will definitely cost you much. The configuration makes the laptop more expensive.

5: COVID-19 Factor

If we talk about why laptops are so expensive, especially today, then COVID-19 is the biggest factor. As this pandemic has attacked the whole world, the culture of E-commerce and E-learning is increasing with every passing day. Moreover, educational institutions have been shut down in order to minimize the spread of coronavirus. Therefore,  students are taking online classes. Such a trend of online classes has increased the demand for laptops and their price as well. Be it businessmen, students, office employees, and teachers are depending more on such gadgets as laptops. That is the reason, laptops are now 30 to 40% more expensive as compared to the previous year. So, the coronavirus pandemic has increased the price of laptops. And manufacturers are swallowing their prices with increased sales and prices.

Final Verdict

To sum up, laptops have become a part of our everyday life. In every field from medicine to engineering and from science to business, they are being used. The rising trend of laptops, features, high-quality processors and the recent wave of price increases due to COVID-19 are some catalysts that make laptops so expensive. If you want to buy a laptop with good features, you must have an unlimited budget. They cost you much.


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