Why 48V DC led street lights are the best option for your needs


LED street lights have come a long way in recent years, with many city-dwellers and homeowners switching to the energy-efficient lighting to save money on their electricity bills and reduce their impact on the environment. One particular type of LED Street light has become very popular in recent months: 48V DC LED street lights. What makes 48V LED streetlights so popular? Continue reading to find out!

The advantages of using 48V DC led street lighting

LED lighting is one of the most efficient and cost-effective technologies available to support sustainability. The energy savings from LED lighting can be up to 80% when compared with high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) lamps. But not all LEDs are created equal: there is a difference between AC, DC, and even line voltage LEDs. When it comes to choosing what type of LED lamp or fixture to install in your facility, you have three options: AC, DC, or line voltage LEDs. Not all led street light factories offer these types of lighting fixtures, but we do! Read on to learn more about each type of LED solution and which one might be right for you.

The initial cost savings from using 48V DC led street lighting

One of the main reasons to use led street lights is that they require less electricity than traditional, high-voltage sodium and mercury vapor fixtures. A standard bulb consumes about 50 watts of power, but a LED bulb only needs about 10-25 watts. This means you can save around 40% on energy costs and reduce maintenance costs associated with replacing lamps.

48V DC led street lights

The initial savings from using these lamps will be offset by the cost of switching over to a new lighting system, but over time this will pay off in terms of reduce energy usage. For example, if a company invests $5 million into an HPS lamp and it lasts 10 years before it needs to be replace at $200 per lamp, the total energy cost would be $2.4 million. If you switch over to LEDs, which last 20 years and have an annual replacement rate of $10 per lamp, the total energy cost would only be $2 million.

Additional benefits of using 48V DC led lights

Another benefit of 48V DC led street lights is that it’s easy to set them up in an array. The beam angle can be narrowed and rotated so you get an intensely bright spot where you need it most or a spread light over a wider area. It’s also possible to sync the on-off sequences with alternating current (AC) power distribution to ensure a smooth dimming transition. As a standalone solution, there’s no need to have access to both AC power and 12VDC supplies – all you’ll need is a transformer like this one that handles conversion between power sources. With their bright clean white color, these LED bulbs make excellent replacements for metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures.

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There are a lot of different options available when you’re looking for an led street light factory. It can be overwhelming to figure out which one is going to work for you, but we’ve made it a little bit easier. We carry led street lights that operate on 12V and 24V AC power and on 48V DC power. The lighting output is brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs use less energy, and they last longer than both of those other types of bulbs.

led street light factory

Not only does our led street light factory save you money in energy costs, they also save you money on replacement costs! LEDs will last more than 20 times as long as incandescent bulbs, so you’ll have fewer replacements down the line. Plus, with LEDs there’s no wait time before you start saving – they start saving you money right away by using less electricity. When it comes to choosing between 12V and 48V DC LEDs, the benefits are similar; however, there are a few differences in usage and installation.


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