What to do while shifting to new house?


Hello, everyone now we meet again with new topic: what to do while shifting to new house? shifting to a new house is a convoluted and severely laborious affair. And if you are not enough prepared, you are sure to come across many unpredicted problems during the move.

While changing homes may seem like an exceedingly task, here are a few tips to break it down into little bits and make the move frequently easier.

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Here are some of the tips what to do while shifting to a new house,

  1. free up your old home:-

One of the first important things to do before moving to a new house is tidying away your live space. This is critical to make your packing process untroubled. First of all, make an inventory checklist of all the required things that you are planning to shift to your new home. After that, take a thorough look over your house and list down the unnecessary things that you would like to sell, discard or donate. This is not only help to secure that you move only the required things to your new home, but it is also key to calculating your moving costs.

  1. Make loading limit:- 

Most people manage to leave all their packing till the weekend before they relocate. This results in a very tough situation where everyone is in an expedition and under hassle while packing. And also remarkable, once you have moved you must have to unpack. But if you decided to pack at that time, you’re sure to be late by the time you get to your new home. To make facilitate, set yourself some filling targets and pack your goods over a week. Each and every day give yourself a filling goal and put away a set of things.

  1. Move the primary items Earlier:- 

Instead of waiting for the local shifters to take all your items, make your new home a little comfortable by filling in some of the basics the day before. And by the basics I mean the things that are necessary for the or toilet or in the kitchen. This way you will have the essentials on the very first day in your new home.

  1. Let Your carrier Know What’s Up:- 

If you have a piano or a weighty bed that needs to be moved, make sure you let your carriers know before the move. It’s also good to let them know about the facilities in your present home/apartment, like whether they will have to use the stairs or the lift to move your inventory. By giving them an idea of what to look for, they have the advantage to come with preparing for the move, which will make sure a smoother operation.

  1. Everything marked with label:- 

Label every side of the box so you know what items are placed in which box. The mover moving the boxes may not always place the box with the label facing up, and this makes it hard to find what you’re looking for. By marking all sides of the box, you save the amount of time taken to unwrap everything. As an extra tip, you can also awfully cut down on the number of cardboard boxes you use by packing most of your things in your suitcases, baskets, and laundry container.

  1. Don’t Forget the needed:- 

This is probably the most important facet of the move – remember to contact all your usefulness companies and register your new address with them like your gas and Phone Company and your electricity supplier. Do this shortly so that when you move you won’t have to worry about insignificant things like cooking food or switching on the AC.

  1. De-ice the Refrigerator! :- 

Another mandatory detail to keep in your mind would be to de-ice your refrigerator before you shift and rub out any residual liquid. While this is the smallest of your care, it’s still another duty off your checklist of things to do flexible the move.

  1. Clear your pending payments:-

The next step is to examine whether you have paid all your pending bills like home maintenance charges, utility bills, and other service charges. Contact your residential association and check with them if there is any money owing in your name. Also, check you have paid off the salaries of people who have worked in your home like domestic help, housekeepers, gardeners, plumbers, and electricians. It is a good idea to take all your payment receipts handy for future reference.

  1. Update your new address:-

Updating your address in all the official records is compulsory if you are planning to move to a new house, mainly if it is going to be your permanent address. ensure your address is updated in all the Government documents like Aadhar card, voter id, PAN card, driving license, income tax, insurance policies vehicle registration, utility bills like electricity, water and sewage, etc.

  1. Pest-control and air quality check:-

The affliction of pests and rodents is one of the prime sources of contagious diseases. Before you are moving to your new house, ensure you do a pest control check to keep your family members safe and wealthy. It is also suggestible to test the air quality of your home to check the levels of allergens, dust, chemical pollutants, and the level of humidity in your home. This is vital to protect your babies and pre-schooler from air-borne diseases. You can take the help of professional companies to get this done.

  1. examine your neighborhood:-

Check out the public infrastructure of the area. Take an amble around the area and check out the basic civility and facilities like hospitals, grocery stores, banks, and shopping malls.  If you have children, make a list of the prime schools in your area. You must also survey the common areas of your apartment like parking lots, lifts, gardens, community halls, etc.  Before moving to a new house, talk with your residential association and built a friendly relationship with your neighbors.

So, I hope that I give you a brief idea about what to do while shifting to a new house. I try to simply understand all the parameters related to that. Now it’s your turn that which parameter you follow and which not.

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So, in the conclusion, all of us have time when we want to shift our house from one place to another. But there are some tips and tricks I share in the above article that what to do while shifting to a new house if you don’t know the answer. This is the cost-effective also. So, you can follow them and transfer to your new house very easily.



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