What Is The Difference Between Dry Cleaning And Laundry?

What Is The Difference Between Dry Cleaning And Laundry?

We know that we use laundry and dry cleaning to wash our clothes. Both methods kill the germs and remove dust from our suits. Have you ever thought about how these two methods of washing differ from each other? If not, go with the flow of this article to clear up your confusion about the difference between dry cleaning and laundry.

1. Water VS Chemicals

In the laundry, people use water to wash their clothes in washing machines, while drycleaner use different chemicals to clean the outfits. In washing machines, water acts as a flood and can damage your delicate suits due to fast movement. And drycleaners use fabric-friendly chemicals to maintain the quality of clothes.

2. Affordable VS Expensive

You can do laundry at your home while using your washing machines, powder, and electricity. But, you cannot do the same task for dry cleaning your clothes at home. Laundry is affordable, while dry cleaning needs a big budget to dry clean your suits. It is the reason that people prefer laundry to dry cleaning.

3. Natural VS Artificial Cleaning

The water washing method is natural and does not use harmful chemicals that can affect your skin. However, drycleaners use chemicals to remove stains from the clothes in dry cleaning. These chemicals can affect your body’s skin. Therefore, we can say that dry cleaning is an artificial method of cleaning your clothes.

4. Good VS Fowl Smell

Have you ever noticed that your ladies go to buy good-smelling detergents? It is because you can give a pleasant odor to your clothes using charming smell detergents at a home. But, when you go for dry cleaning, chemicals induce an irritating smell in your clothes that remain inside for a long time.

5. Discoloration VS Coloration

Why do people go for dry cleaning in their expensive suits? It is because drycleaners assure the quality of their services and protect your suit from discoloration. On the other hand, you can easily observe discoloration while doing laundry at your home, particularly in new dresses.

6. Decrease VS Increase Fabric Lifespan

You know that the clothes that you wash regularly lose their rigidity. They become weak and light in weight. These things are acceptable with your home clothes. But, you never want such reactions to fancy dresses. That is why Love2Laundry is a here to protect your fancy dresses from harm and bad reactions. Dry to cleaning enhances the lifespan of your outfits by the  maintaining their rigidity and quality.

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