What is the difference between a webinar and an eCourse?

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Are you confused between a webinar and an eCourse?

Is there any difference between these two even?

Yes, these both are different and have a significant difference between them.

As Webinar and eCourse both are digital methods of learning, therefore, sometimes we use these two terms interchangeably. So, it becomes necessary to understand the difference between a webinar and an eCourse. One thing that you should remember, both webinars and eCourses are meant to serve different purposes.

Let us dive deep into the blog and understand how these two are different from each other.


What is a webinar?

A webinar is a web-based seminar.


A seminar that is held over an internet-based platform is called a webinar. 


Generally, in webinars the speaker or presenter addresses or delivers knowledge and explains the topic using PowerPoint presentation and audio video tools to the mass audiences. Mostly, webinars last between 30-60 minutes and require attendees to do prior registration before joining them. But, most of the webinar platforms offer direct or automatic login to the attendees, while some platforms require you to fill out the proper registration form.


 Mainly users host webinars for the promotion or marketing of the product, services, and online courses. Moreover, you can take advantage of webinar platforms for education also. Users can also host webinars for free online workshops, free training, and interactive training for the employees.  

During the webinar, attendees can interact with the speaker or presenter using chats, Q&As, and polls. Some webinar platforms also allow the host to activate audio tools for the attendees. Moreover, some webinar platforms also provide recordings of the whole webinar to their attendees for future reference.


Webinar Structure:

A successful and effective webinar should be well-planned and well-structured. While planning for a webinar, users should also focus on its structure, and it should have a powerful and fixed beginning and end. So that your audience clearly understands the purpose behind hosting webinars and should know what to expect from the webinar.   

  • Introduction:

It is a very crucial part of the webinar. In this segment, the host or moderator greets or welcomes the audience and gives them a brief introduction about the webinar’s content, along with developing curiosity in them regarding the topic. Additionally, the host also explains the perks that attendees will receive after the webinar. 

  • Body:

This is the essence or heart of the webinar. In this segment, the speaker or presenter explains the whole webinar in detail. Presenters or speakers use PowerPoint point slides, Google slides, videos, images, and online whiteboards to explain the topic to the attendees. Speakers also use visuals and graphics to support their presentation. 

  • Closing:

This is the end part of the webinar. Here speakers summarize the topic and include the audience in the discussions. He encourages the attendees to participate in the interactions. Attendees are asked to answer the questions and also for their honest and valuable feedback. Furthermore, in this segment users can advertise or promote their products or services to enhance the sales conversation.


What is an eCourse?

eCourses are the courses just like your classroom courses, except that they are presented over the online platform. Indeed, online courses are the next step of webinars. In eCourses the host or educator shares the in-depth knowledge of a specific subject.

The educator can divide eCourses into different modules, lessons, or units. These courses are also known as online courses, online modules, and digital courses. The intention behind hosting eCourses is to deliver knowledge about a particular subject or topic. Attendees can access online courses by any device like mobile phones, desktops, or laptops. 


Structure of eCourse:

Like any other course, eCourse also requires a strong well-planned structure. So that they can be easily understandable. You can incorporate the following parts in your eCourse to make your online courses more structured and planned.

  • Objective – Similar to the opening segment of the webinar, this is the segment where the goals and expected key takeaways of the online course are explained to the attendees.
  • Content – It is the main part of the online course, content is the learning resource, PDFs, videos for training, supplement, and e-learning material.
  • Assessment – Just like the closing of the webinar, in this section of eCourse usually the educator gives an assessment to the attendees, or it’s like exams. At the end of eCourse to know what you have learned during the whole course assessments are provided to you. The most paid course also provides you a letter of participation or certificate after completion of the course.

Now let’s move ahead in the blog and know the format of the webinar and eCourse


Webinar eCourse
Lecture style Presentation In-depth Content
Broad Topics Customized Topic
Often Conducted Live Live or On-demand courses
Mainly free on low cost webinar platform Free for short durations only, long courses are often paid 


How to know which one is the right choice for you?

Before planning an online course or webinar, you should ask these questions yourselves.

  • Who are your targeted audience, their challenges, and what are their preferred formats?
  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • What is your budget for webinars or eCourse?
  • The value for audiences
  • What are the Pros and Cons of both webinar and eCourse?

So according to the answers to these questions, you can select between webinar and eCourse.

Some users find webinars more challenging than eCourses. But it depends on which online platform you are using for hosting webinars. You can use a low cost webinar platform or an affordable webinar platform that you can use for hosting several webinars at very affordable prices or even free. 

eCourse is provided for multiple users across various time zones whereas international webinars may be inconvenient for some of your attendees. 

Now, we hope you have understood the difference between the webinar and eCourse. As mentioned earlier these both are great tools for learning online. According to your purpose, objective, goals, targeted audiences, and budget you can go for one of them. 



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