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noise assessment services in Melbourne

Noise means sound. However, the term usually implies loud, uncomfortable sounds and can cause problems for the people in close vicinity. Scientifically speaking, the noise, if its loudness measures 70db, can cause hearing impairment in people who have experienced it for prolonged times. Sound after an extent of loudness can cause disability for living beings and is therefore categorised as noise pollution. It’s for the same reason that every commercial entity requires to contact noise assessment services in Melbourne and determine the ways to reduce noise.

What Is a Noise Report?

When the noise assessment services in Melbourne step in to assess the workplace noise and evaluate its impact on the surroundings and employees, they document their findings and suggestions. This document is the acoustic or noise report

The key aim of an acoustic or noise report is to study the noise in the environment. It shall also suggest ways to minimise noise emissions and help people overcome noise-related discomforts.

The local council requires new developments to present an acoustic report to analyse the sound impact on the surrounding environments. It also studies the effects of noise within the building to examine how it will affect the people living or working there. 

Does Your Workspace Need Noise Assessment Services?

Every living space, whether residential or commercial, can benefit from noise assessment services in Melbourne. However, it’s overly essential for a workplace because excessive noise can cause a significant hindrance to an employee’s productivity. 

Various studies show that excessive noise in the workspace can negatively impact the physical and mental health of an employee. There can be a severe dipin the creative output and intelligence of the employee. Overall it can distract employees from their tasks and negatively impact the business.

Usually, we overlook the noise in an office or any other commercial building. It is because though excessive noise is tormenting, its extent is subjective, so while some people may find a particular sound frequency painful to the ears, others may be fine with it. Therefore, most workspaces have high levels of sound without the people realising that they are continuously staying in an environment that can damage their hearing capacity over time. 

Noise assessment is the only way to analyse the sound frequency and determine ways to mitigate it. Thus every workspace must assign companies to perform noise assessment services in Melbourne to enhance the productivity of their employees and provide them with a healthy environment. Noise assessment is also crucial because not every corner of the office may face similar sound frequency; some will be noisier than others. Through proper noise reports, the employer can determine such spaces and find ways to help the employees who work there. 

How to Identify if the Workspace Requires a Noise Assessment?

There are many sure-shot signs that showcase that your employees are in distress due to excessive noise and will immediately require a remedy to avoid severities. Here are some signs so that you can quicken the noise assessment process and help your employees lead a healthy and productive life-

  • If the employees communicate in a high voice even when they are at a one-arm distance from each other
  • If the employees complain of hearing loss issues within 1 year of joining the organisation
  • If there is a temporary humming sound in the ears within a few hours of entering the workplace
  • If, by the end of the shift, they experience partial hearing loss and have to increase the volume of the television

What Are the Steps to Complete a Noise Assessment?

Companies providing noise assessment services in Melbourne undertake multiple steps to ascertain the extent of noise and develop a noise report. Here are some of the steps they follow to reach conclusions regarding the noise of a workspace-

Establish the Key Sources of Noise

The workspace will have lots of different noises from equipment and specific processes. While beginning the noise assessment, the acoustic experts analyse the different types of sound that a workplace may endure. They will also determine which employees will face high risk due to these sounds.

Measure the Noise Frequency

The noise assessment companies use industry-standard noise modelling software and noise and vibration monitoring equipment to measure the noise levels at workplace premises. Through the equipment, they can evaluate the exact noise levels in a particular space and the extent of risk to the employees who work there. 

Try Preventive Measures

Once the acoustic consultants analyse the noise levels and the equipment responsible, the companies can try to implement some basic preventive measures. These include oiling the machinery well to reduce sound, keeping the doors shut to contain the sound, switching off machinery when not in use etc. 

Preparethe Noise Reports

After a thorough assessment of the noise levels, the areas and employees at higher risk, the noise assessment companies proceed to create a report with all the findings. With this report, you can evaluate the area’s noise emission and seek steps to mitigate the noise levels. 


The noise assessment services in Melbourne or your neighbourhood can help you take crucial steps towards improving your employees’ lives. With a healthy work environment, they shall be more productive and deliver more than expected. So why wait? Visit your nearest acoustic consultants for their expert advice.

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