What are the fundamental factors of movers in San Jose?

Movers in San Jose
Movers in San Jose

Local moving is the most common type of moving used by many people worldwide. There are many reasons for moving. On average, a person moves at least 12 times in his lifetime. And for all those times of moving, there should be a trusted label for the person he can rely upon, and those trusted labels are movers in San Jose.

Local moving company in San Jose cost according to some factors which lead towards the pricing and the services of the moving company you have hired. In this article, we will discuss how a moving company gives you the estimated and the final prices of the move.

Moving size

Moving size is the type of house you are moving from. These companies does-not link with the size of the house you are moving to, but they have concerns about the size you are moving from because they have set their charts and standards of pricing according to the moving sizes. For example, their cost chart looks something like this.

For example, if you are moving from a two-bed apartment, they have set the weight and the inventory size according to the two-bed apartment because their chars follow the standard size and standard weight policy. If your two bed apartment is bigger than the normal size, then you have to pay for the extra inventory. This is very important to understand that the movers in San Jose will never charge an extra amount from you. They will only charge what you are moving.

Now it depends on you what you are hiring and what you are paying. If you avail of their full services option, then they charge you a discounted price but this package is not available at every moving company. There are some specific moving companies that provide these packages to their customers. So always racy for movers in San Jose and then hire them.

Moving Weight

Many moving companies merge this step in the moving sizes but some moving companies ask this question separately at the time of moving estimates. Moving weight is another name for the inventory you are moving from one place to another. Moving weight is the combined weight of all the things you are going to move, it includes your furniture, and your household things.

Your grocery if any, your clothes, in short everything you are going to move. And at the time of estimates you have to provide the actual or the nearest value of your moving weight. This will help the moving company to give you a good amount of estimated price which cannot burden your pocket. Sometimes people provide value that is not even nearer to the actual weight value and they end up ruining their moving budget. To prevent this, you should always keep in mind to provide correct values.

Moving type

Another very important factor is the moving types there are four types of moving and all of the four are different from one another. They have different standards and different factors of pricing as well. If you are moving locally then you end up spending less amount as compared to the long-distance moving.

This is because you have to pay for the expenses that come with the type of move. For example, in long-distance moving, you have to pay for the fuel, toll fee, and safer packing than local moving. Did you know moving companies pack your stuff according to to the moving type? Some people take this step as a joke but this is the actual thing. And it is because all the moving types are different. If you are moving locally it means your inventory will be transferred to the new place within 20-40 min maximum.

For these 40 minutes the truck has to travel within the city, so it does not require the double layer of safety packaging. They pack your stuff safely but double or triple layer safety is for long distance and other moving types. This is another factor why local moving costs less than other moving type.


Distance is directly linked with the moving type. If you are moving locally, the truck has s to travel for 13-15 km maximum or maybe a couple of kilometers extra. Not more than that, which means the truck is delivering the inventory within the local territory which will cost less fuel as compared to the long distance moving.

International moving is a whole another topic so we will not discuss that here, here we will discuss the distance of local moving, interstate moving and intrastate moving.  If you are moving from state to state the distance is larger than the local distance and also more fuel will consume by the truck. That’s is why local moving is cheaper than all other types of moving.

On the Bottom Line

Brother Movers are the best movers in San Jose who provides the best facility of moving and packing service to their clients. Book your dates today and enjoy the stress free move.


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