Ways to Provide Your Customers with a Safe Online Shopping Experience

online shopping experience

Online shopping is the easier way to buy anything these days. All the customers need to do is select the items that they want, find the best prices, shop around and in a little time, they’ll receive the order at your doorstep. Getting a good deal on a website seems easy. At times, consumers would want to buy something right off the shelf but websites are not always the safest options to buy anything. Hackers are spread all around the web. There a quite some damage that they can do. 


A hacker would get into your web access on the sites that you operate your business from. Hackers can shut the business down immediately, and continue to access customer sensitive information, vendor information and even your financial information. There is a very real possibility, as an online store owner, that you might get extorted for your information. There have been instances where the hackers have locked sites, encrypted files and asked for a ransom. 


To protect yourself as a business owner and make sure that your customers have the safest interaction with your site. Here are a few things to make sure your customers are provided with the safest online experience.

  1. Picking out a safer E-Commerce Platform

Being an E-commerce brand is a very complex and responsible business. You could be building a new store out of scratch or revamping and expanding your pre-existing business. There are some more benefits and perks than hosting your website on any other platform. Instead of building your way up from scratch, there are a few web hosting platforms like Shopify or Woocommerce that have a set of pre-designed layouts which can help you display your products and services on online platforms. 


There are a lot of plugins and tools that can be used to manage everything on your website and a lot of different things. You can take a look at your inventory, boost the pages with SEO and SMO tools, arranging shopping carts and payments all at the same time. There can be other solutions too which can help you with your website. You can also choose an option that is recommended by your E-commerce web design agency in Brisbane.  These platforms make it easier for you and your Website Designer in Melbourne to kick start everything soon. 

  1. Updating Plugins, Tools and more

Being an E-commerce website, you must be using quite a lot of tools and different plugins to run your store and make sure everything is running smoothly. There are a lot of things that these plugins are capable of such as minimising spam, controlling user comments, migrate-back up your site, tracking Google analytics, creating marketing campaigns and lastly managing user information and payments. 


These tools and platforms perform best when they are updated timely. You can also replace and edits them based on your preferences and their availability. While the plugins and tools are pretty helpful, they can be hacked and lead to some serious problems. An outdated or older version of any software can be very vulnerable and can be easily spotted by a hacker to break into your system. Outdated options might not be secure enough to protect sensitive information leaving a huge loophole in your website’s security. 


You can always consult your Web Design Agency in Sydney about using the most appropriate and safe options to protect your website and provide your generate customers  with a safe online experience.

  1. Adopt HTTPS

Hyper Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS is the new code for security and assurance of a website is safe for a consumer to use. It’s one of the easiest updates on your current website structures and it proves to be very useful in the long run. 


It can very easily be checked if a website has HTTPS enabled. A lock icon appears next to the URL of your website which testifies that it is HTTPS secured. Many browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari warn their users when they go onto a website that is not protected by HTTPS. You can get it either from your Web Design agency in Sydney or you can buy it from website building platforms such as Shopify or Squarespace or other providers with similar services.  


Enabling HTTPS requires you to get a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) license — check out the WebAlive SSL explainer. That combination not only keeps your visitors safe and makes it less likely that someone can steal communications (like credit card numbers), but Google will also rank you higher for having them.


There are subtleties to what individuals incorporate while thinking about making a site “protected” for online businesses. In addition to the fact that you be shielding should clients from outside dangers and mischief, however you maintain that they should have a solid sense of reassurance looking for your site.


Thus, our last tip to assist you with protecting your clients and income is to impart early and frequently with clients. Show them all that you think they’ll require in addition to what they request to see. That implies keeping your profits and discount strategy clear and straightforward. Connection to it on each deal page or put it in your footer. Assuming you have complex delivery approaches, do likewise with that explainer.


On the off chance that you get a ton of traffic and have blissful clients, consider adding a spot for individuals to compose surveys and rank items. Make it simple for different customers to assist a possible client with choosing to click that “purchase” button.


At the point when you’re straightforward with expected clients, they’re bound to trust you. Accomplishing that work makes it simpler to fabricate the trust expected to furnish you with an email for a markdown or utilize your instalment strategies to finish a buy.



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