Want to Build an App like Grubhub? Get a Full Insight!

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Meta- Every entrepreneur wants to boost the overall growth of their startups. Delivering such products would only be possible with the top mobile app development UAE.

Do you know that Grubhub is the most used app among users of Dubai?

The app belongs to the food delivery industry and allows users to order food from restaurants near their locations.

While the Covid-19 pandemic brought devaluation to the world, apps like Grubhub came into existence to contribute back to the valuation.

With delivery at the doorsteps, the application creates its users all over the UAE and Dubai. Today, every entrepreneur wants to develop an app that boosts the overall growth of their startups.

If you also want to create one, ensure to connect with the top mobile app development UAE. As the food delivery industry can go up to $62,836.97 million by 2030, you can make the most of it.

Here, we have discussed everything about this user-friendly application. Therefore, ensure to develop a clear understanding of how the app works and its essential features.

So, are you excited?

If yes, move into and unveil the post.

What is the Working Model of Grubhub?

The working model of the Grubhub app is as follows:

  1. User Panel
  • Allow users to explore varieties of foods from their nearby restaurants.
  • Advance search to find out specific dishes.
  • Checkout option for order completion where the user needs to provide the delivery address and click on the payment option.
  • Order tracking feature.
  1. Restaurant Panel
  • For a restaurant to display their dishes online.
  • Serving according to customer demands
  • Start with the meal preparation after getting order approval from the customer.
  1. Delivery Partner
  • Notifications on their mobile application when the delivery person needs to pick up the food.
  • Allow food tracking to the customer whose order needs to be delivered.

 Features of Grubhub that Outstands it among others 

Now, it’s time to look into the exciting features of this app. The top mobile app development company UAE will ensure every inch of your requirements. Therefore, give this a full read to understand what you need to add to your features list.

User Interface

  • No users would use an application that consumes lots of time while registering them. You can integrate social media ID and Email ID for profile creation purposes.
  • Voice search feature for making searches more advanced and user-friendly.
  • Cost calculation to let them know the total cost while they add quantity or another dish to the same order.
  • Third-party integration for seamless payment gateway.
  • Easy order tracking with Real-time GPS.
  • Enable your user to leave a review of the food item so that others can see it to develop a clear understanding.
  • Push notifications that consist of offers, discounts, new arrivals, and promos for winning customer engagement on your digital solution.

Restaurant Interface

  • Restaurants also need to register themselves to upload their delicious meals.
  • Order management for accepting and rejecting customer orders.
  • An easier way to find the delivery personnel nearby and send them a message for food delivery.
  • Real-time GPS for tracking the same.
  • A space for reviews from customers will help restaurants increase their brand visibility.

Delivery Personnel’s Interface

  • Easier registration of delivery personnel where they fill up the asked details.
  • Duty on/off options to show they are ready or not for taking the task.
  • Accept/reject option after restaurant releases its requirement.
  • Automated messages like “Order picked up” or “waiting at the restaurant” for updating the status.
  • Accurate GPS-enabled navigation will help delivery personnel to reach the locations on time and deliver the order. It leads to transparency among these three parties users, delivery personnel, and restaurants.
  • Seamless payment tracking.
  • Storing and showing the reviews received from different customers.

Admin Panel

  • Vendors and delivery executives’ payments.
  • Live database for restaurant partnering and staff joining.
  • Statistical reports and analytics for having business insights.
  • CRM for making favorable business improvement
  • Virtual assistants through chats and calls.

In a Nutshell!

Do you think that getting all these features on your own mobile app seems tougher?

Well, it’s not!

The support from the best mobile app development company will help you build an app

like Grubhub which proves to be more advanced and friendly.

In the world today, you need to bring in such advancements that can reap multiple benefits for our startups. Building an app for the same can help you achieve this dream. However, you should be cautious while giving your project as it requires skillsets, budget, cost, and other factors to deliver a dynamic solution.

We hope that you find this guide really helpful. However, if you want us to cover more on this and other on-demand applications, don’t forget to tell us in the comment section. We will surely come back with another exciting guide.



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