Use The School Management System To Keep Track Of Your Little One


Education and school management software is SBS Consulting’s flagship product, successfully used by many schools and educational institutions in Singapore and overseas.

Small after-school schools should be attended in the same way as large schools. Among other tasks, you have to answer the students’ questions, read ideas and monitor the student’s work. The administration and teachers must be in their own work as well as in additional work. Small schools do not have the freedom to hire additional staff, even temporary staff, which they cannot initially afford. School management system software offers a clean solution to the problem.

Automate and streamline daily school work;

SBS Consulting’s web-based school and learning management software enables the automation and streamlining of the daily operations of new and small schools. The software enables, for example, student registration, polls, tracking and uploading comments online. It replaces manual work with a web-based student administration system and removes the burden on employees.

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It frees up human resources to help solve key issues;

The automation of the school’s various functions frees up the staff involved. This saves time that can be used for the school’s primary mission, which is high-quality school administration or student teaching. However, dedicated teachers can initiate and make the learning process an enjoyable experience for students. They can focus their energy on something that earns them recognition and praise from students and parents.

Connect your school to the Internet;

In general, course management systems contribute to the image and reputation of schools. Creating a school management system integrates schools into mainstream society, where Internet-savvy parents and students consider the Internet a basic need.

The software automates time-consuming tasks and provides excellent support for subsequent tasks at a lower cost.

  • student administration
  • Child lock
  • treat teachers
  • Manage resource allocation
  • course management
  • Course and exam management
  • payment management
  • Integrated payment gateway for online payments
  • Economic direction
  • Reports and dashboards
  • learning management
  • library management
  • Availability:

The software stores all student and school information on online servers. Make it available to all authorized users of the student management system. They can access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever they have an Internet connection. They can even use it on the go with smartphones and tablets.

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Payments and payment gateway;

School and lesson management software allows small school staff to manage student information, enter grades, transcripts, and communicate with parents via text and email. You can also send reminders about pending payments. The software provides a secure online payment gateway for parents to pay school fees. It helps schools optimize cash flow and increase sales and ROI.

Automatic save;

School management app software automates one of the most difficult tasks for small schools. It uses bio metric fingerprint readers to record active data. Such an arrangement avoids human manipulation and provides highly reliable information. Eliminates the need for a human supervisor.

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Pricing policy;

Learning management systems help school administrators determine the fee structure. Search engines find high and low demand for courses offered by schools. Depending on the dates, school boards can decide on weekend or weekend course pricing.

All schools, schools and educational systems operating in the digital age, large or small, must embrace software and optimize their resources.


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