Unique Diwali Gifts Ideas For Family And Friends

Diwali gifts for friends
Diwali gifts for friends

The most awaited festival of the year, Diwali is approaching. As you already know, it marks the celebration of Lord Rama returning to Ayodhya along with his brother Lakshman and wife Sita after 14 years of exile. Whether you like celebrating the festival in a typical way or not, you can’t deny that the vibe and celebration that is in the air at this time of the year are unmatched. The main day of the festival calls for a few things prior which keep the customs alive. It starts with the “clean home mission” and ends by exchanging Diwali gifts. We know you are already experts in selecting gift items for Diwali. However, in case you are looking for something different this time, here are some ideas for you.

In addition, the festival of lights represents the victory of good over evil. This year, the Muhurat for Lakshmi Puja, where friends and family get together for prayers is from 5.57 PM to 07:53 PM. That means you have to get done with exchanging gifts before then. In case you cannot meet and greet everyone you know! There’s always an option to send Diwali gifts for friends online. Well, don’t waste your time anymore, and select one of the below items soon!

Diwali Gifts Ideas

Some common Diwali gifts include Diwali sweets, dry fruit gift hamper, crockery, diyas, and other decorative requirements. This year, take a break from these typical presents and surprise your loved ones with something unique. Check out some of the options we have:

Silver Items

We all know that Silver is considered holy and pure. From a scientific viewpoint, it is an antimicrobial that kills bacteria and other viruses as well. Moreover, it does not react with heat and air. On this precious occasion, you can present your family or friends with some silver items. To name a few, you can get silver idols, Goddess Lakshmi would be great. Alternatively, go for Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, etc. as per their beliefs. The other options are silver coins, turtles (it is said to be a luck enhancer that attracts wealth, peace, and prosperity), and more.

The best part is here: Silver is not that expensive! Yes, in fact, as per the latest price lists, 10 grams of silver will cost you around ₹ 550 only. So you can make your weight choice as per your budget.

Kitchen essentials

A kitchen product is never a waste. Be it a homemaker or a student, it is the most useful gift you can give. Needless to say, we don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen (some of us just don’t want to). Well, thanks to technology, there are plenty of smart products available to make a kitchen chore easy. Moreover, it will save time and energy. With the right choice, you can make your loved one happy almost every day! For instance, cereal food dispensers, dry fruit cutters, on-the-go blenders, hyper chillers, waffle makers, and much more.

Make sure to visit their place soon. Because when you do, the food served is going to be great, we are sure!

Encouragement Gifts

This could be your pick of the bunch as there’s nothing more thoughtful. We all are tied to our work and desk nowadays. In all this chaos, our passion for pursuing hobbies is actually lost. This year, by giving a related gift, you can be the reason a person recalls his enjoyment. For say, if someone relishes painting, gift them a canvas and color kit or plants if he enjoys gardening. Likewise, go for a bucket of stationery items if your friend/family is into DIY crafts. In any case, they will know how much love and compassion you have towards them and how much thought you’ve put into the gift.

You would have loved it if someone did this for you, right? Why not make a start now? Besides, with this Indian New Year, make a resolution to keep your inner child alive too.

Gift cards

To save yourself from all the troubles, go for Gift cards. It is the best option one can choose. For givers, it clears the thought chaos and well, the receiver can get whatever he/she wants. All the major e-commerce sites and even offline retail stores provide this option. All you have to do is select your budget and get a personalized voucher! Let’s agree this is the easiest of all and on top, it saves you from the “will they like it” question.

TIP:  Give away the card before Diwali so the person can utilize it for the preparations or maybe their new outfits will be sponsored by you!

We hope that you have decided on the gift you want to go for. Also, do let us know about your choices. Have a prosperous and bright Diwali you all! Find more other gifts here.


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