Types of Turkey visa for Indians citizens


If you want to know about the different kinds of visas offered by Turkey to Indian citizens then you must read this post. In this article, we are going to tell you all about the different types of visas that can be obtained by Indian citizens. There are different kinds of turkey visas for Indians which you can choose from. The common concept is that Indians can only get visas for tourism. 

Different visa for Turkey for Indian!

Here we have discussed some of the common types of visas that you can apply for today:

Tourist turkey visa for Indians 

This type of visa is one that can help you visit turkey. Tourists from all across the globe have to get this visa if they want to travel to Turkey. There are a few countries that can travel to Turkey without a visa but India is not on that list. You have to get a turkey visa for an Indian passport if you want to visit see the beautiful cities of Turkey.

Business Turkey visa for Indians 

If you want to go to Turkey for business purposes then you need to apply for a business visa. Business visas are valid for 90 days after which you need to get them renewed. You must know that that business turkey visa for Indian citizens can be applied to visa the embassy. You need to submit the direct applications along with the required documents.

Student Turkey visa for Indians 

Another type of visa that can be applied by Indians is the student visa. If you are planning on studying in Turkey then you need to get an education visa. This kind of visa is very important if you get admission in a university in Turkey. A student Turkish visa for Indians would cost you a few couple hundred dollars.

Residence Turkey visa for Indians

If you want to live permanently in Turkey then you need to make sure that you apply for this kind of visa. This visa cannot be obtained online; you have to apply for the residence visa from the embassy or by contacting the consulate. 

Turkey visa on arrival for Indian 

Another type of visa is the on-arrival visa. This kind of visa can be obtained when you reach turkey. If you are on a transit flight from Turkey then you can apply for this visa and visit the country. This kind of visa is valid for only a few days after which you need to formally apply for the tourist turkey visa for Indian citizens.

Film Turkey visa for Indians

Indians can also get a film visa if they want to travel to turkey for shooting a commercial or movie. This type of visa has to be applied from the embassy and you also need to get approval from the ministry of culture and tourism. 

These are some common types of visas that Indians can get from the Turkish embassy. You can also apply online from the e visa portal of turkey!


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