Types and Important Reasons to Install a Fire Alarm System

fire alarm installation London
fire alarm installation London

The fire alarm system is the best solution for protecting your property, yourself and your family from unwanted accidents and hazards. And there are numerous other reasons we recommend installing such a system in your home, and the top reasons are listed below:

Protection from fire while you are asleep:

During sleep, people do not react to smell as they react to noise. And according to experts as well, people don’t have a strong smell during sleep. For that reason, fire alarms come in handy; they are extremely useful in saving your when in danger.

 Fire alarm system will save your valuable items and belongings:

A fire alarm will save your life and your furniture and other belongings that are dear to you. Having a fire alarm system installed will give you enough time to act and the situation with more control. Because not only can they detect smoke before it’s too late, but they will also warn and signal firefights, hence minimizing any potential damage to your property or belongings that may incur.

Efficient and precise system:

An advanced and high-tech fire alarm installation in London, provides a detailed and accurate location of the fire in the building, allowing you to make haste and distinguish fire.

Security of your house increases:

Like an intruder alarm, a fire also contributes to safe living conditions for you and your loved ones. A fire alarm system keeps your home under surveillance.

Smoke detectors will warn you in time:

This system is also very useful because smoke detectors will let you know about the risks in your home. In this way, you can replace those dangerous things for your safety.

Easy to use:

Generally, fire alarms are not too complex and difficult; it just needs a few minutes to learn how they work.

Don’t require daily maintenance:

Only commercial fire alarms require monthly maintenance. On the other hand, residential fire alarm systems don’t need monthly maintenance or repair services.

Peace of mind:

A fire alarm warns you about danger; having a fire alarm system installed throughout your premises can give you and your loved one peace of mind. A regularly maintained and serviced system can provide a warning of possible danger.

Save insurance:

Many insurance companies will offer a 6-10% discount if you install their recommended fire or smoke detectors.  This bonus may help reduce the cost of maintenance and installation.

Reduction of property loss:

one of the main reasons to install a fire alarm system is to reduce the risk of property loss and damage.

Types of Fire Alarm systems

There are three commonly used fire alarm systems; ionization, combination and photoelectric.

fire alarm installation London
fire alarm installation London

they are the best for detecting flaming. Inside this alarm, there is a small bit of radioactive material that sits between two electronically charged plates that causes a constant ionised current. When smoke enters this current, it disturbs and sets the alarm off. Furthermore, these alarm systems are very useful for detecting fast flaming fires.

These are better for detecting shouldering fires. The smoke is produced by a slow flaming than a raging flame fire.  It uses a beam of light that goes into a chamber away from a light sensor. When smoke enters the chambers, it reflects the light towards the sensor and triggers the alarm.


This system features both ionization and photoelectric fire detection technologies.


as the name refers, this heat detector detects heat and sets off the alarm when sensing a temperature change in the air due to flames. However, these alarms experience false alarms due to steam and humidity. For this reason, they are mostly used in storage facilities and warehouses.

Manual fire alarm system:

This alarm system is controlled and operated by a person, and the alerts are also made manually 24/7.

Automatic alarm system:

This alarm system is automatically triggered by fire and smoke.

How to choose the right fire alarm system for your house or building
  • Calculate your building’s threats and risks
  • Consider the size of the building or property
  • Choose the right device for your need and requirement and get it installed through commercial electrical services.


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