Twin Flame Love and how to Handle the Intensity


Twin flame love can be incredibly intense and on a spiritual level we know this is just the connection. But emotionally and mentally it can blow our socks off.

We are now in a time when more and more Twin Flames meet and it is a powerful time of healing and learning that we are all one. A twin flame union can show us a unity and connection through which we can experience this.

If we can stay open and aware, it can lead to great potential growth and a powerful connection. This can be a union of two people walking together on a path of deep spiritual purpose, achieving and growing more than they would without the other.

The Twin Flame Runner Dynamic

Often times, one wants to run as the intensity increases and this in turn causes the other to chase after it, which really only makes things worse. Good communication and expressing your overwhelming feelings are crucial. Try saying you need to rest and come back if you are the one who wants to run.

For the other couple, it is important to let go of insecurities and also express them and then try to remain conscious rather than fall into a state of fear, as these dynamics can cause separation problems. Sometimes this can happen a few times and the best way to avoid an on-and-off relationship is to take time without breaking up or breaking up completely.

For the one who is feeling overwhelmed, it is important to take a deep breath and also admit that it feels like too much. If you experience this several times, you will find that running does not improve it because there is no real rest either.

Separations of Twin Flames

Often times, separations can happen temporarily or for a long time in a twin flame love. If there is turbulence in the relationship due to the emotional baggage that one or both of them carry. The meeting takes place again when the healing is ready to occur. There is an intense repulsive and magnetic attraction that takes place between soul mates. A tug of war that indicates that there is still a lot of healing work to be done before a permanent reunion can take place. But the faster the two of you agree to work on this, the faster a state of peace can be reached for both of you.

It is how we agree in advance to help each other grow and also how we can work on our “things”, as our 1223 angel number twin is our mirror and we are together to help each other to be whole.

This does not mean that you cannot be whole or healed without your twin sister, as they were never separated from you, but they have the same “soul flow” and can feel like home.

Our conditioning as People

Often times, our conditioning and different backgrounds in this life can make it difficult not to fall into the patterns that we have learned. But those challenges can be overcome through openness and communication. Both will have to be so real and transparent that it almost hurts and be able to make room for the other while exposing their souls.

This open and honest growth can lead to a true homecoming connection, as the two souls are more deeply connected than any other.


We are all one on a spiritual level and there really is no separation and twin flame love can be one way that we can experience this while in our bodies. It can be very deep.

This love can be absolutely unique and magnifies one a sense of oneness with one’s twin sister, and this feeling is often so great that it begins to include a sense of spiritual oneness with all things. The chemistry between twins can be extremely powerful, so there can also be a very strong sexual bond in the love of a 114 angel number twin flame. There are moments of complete certainty that they are destined to be in each other’s lives for a reason, no matter what, and that there is a higher purpose for their union with each other.

So, as you can see, the challenges are worth it and can be overcome if you both remain mindful and open. The intensity can become a much clearer and more peaceful energy that is still strong but much calmer.


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