Treatment For The Prostate Bladder Cancer Treatment


The prostate is a gland which is found in the body of males. This gland is located just in front of the rectum which is just below the bladder. The center of the prostate contains tube that carries urine which runs through its center.

The sperm is nourished and protected by the fluid which is called semen. The prostate gland contains the cells which carry this semen. According to the age of males, the size of this gland varies. The growth of male hormones which increases the size of this gland is known as testosterone or androgens.

Main treatments

Prostate bladder cancer treatment which is referred for curing the prostate cancer are radiology, surgery, and hormone therapy. The doctor should be consulted and all the details should be checked which includes how fast the cancer has already spread and how fast it is growing.

The treatment for this cancer when it has not spread

The prostate cancer which is located within the prostate gland is known as localised prostate cancer. The specialists look after the details for this cancer. The cancer is likely to have different factors such as its spreading speed to be slow or fast and the parts it will spread. This information is essential for the treating the cancer in the best way. This is done by monitoring the cancer which you have.

Procedure for Low Risk Localised Prostate Cancer

It is considered to be growing and developing at a slow pace which includes many years. The monitoring is known as active surveillance. This is done to understand more about the cancer and also whether it is developing more or not. This is done because it may be possible that the cancer may grow so slowly without showing the symptoms.

While the active monitoring, if the cancer is noticed to be developing then the doctor will provide you with radiography to prostate or surgery to remove it. The doctor may treat you by radiography and hormone therapy both. The side effects vary according to the treatments. For this the clinical trial is suggested to be cryotherapy.

Procedure for Intermediate Risk Localised Prostate Cancer

If a man is suffering through the intermediate risk prostate cancer, then it may develop or grow in coming years. The suggestion for treatment by doctor will be surgery to remove that gland or radiography.

The radiography may be internal or external. If you are given the radiography treatment then you will be given the hormone therapy either during or after that treatment. Most probably the men younger than 65 years may have the risk of this cancer and should be immediately treated by high frequency ultrasound therapy.

Procedure for High Risk Localised Prostate Gland

This type of cancer may risk spread in a couple of years. In this case the doctors do not use internal radiography; they prefer external radiography to prostate. This is because in high risk prostate cancer, the cancer cells may grow slightly away from this gland so the internal treatment would not be able to reach that area. With the treatment of radiography hormone therapy is also given to the suffering men.

Other Treatment choices

If this cancer has grown through other body parts, then it cannot be cured but it can be controlled. This is done by lowering the testosterone level in men body through hormone therapy. Suffering men may have this therapy as:

  • Taking tablets each day
  • Having injections every month or every three months
  • Tablets for some months and then a break in between which would be followed further by taking more tablets.
  • Removing the testicles (orchidectomy or surgical castration)
  • Suggesting chemotherapy.


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