Top ten trekking locations close to Bangalore



Karnataka is the largest state when it comes to trekking paths throughout the country. There are many trekking options in Bangalore, from easy to challenging. These treks can be done by beginners and are easily accessible from the road. A hike is a great way to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of nature. Below are a few options for trekking near Bangalore that are suitable both for experienced and new hikers.

Channagiri Trekking

Channagiri is an easy and manageable trek that is accessible to all ages. It is 1350 metres above sea level. The trek takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete. Channagiri is an excellent place to begin, as it offers views of nearby hills such as Skandagiri and Savandurga. It’s only a half-day trek and is one of the easiest places to trek near Bangalore. The beautiful views and verdant trails make this hike stunning.


  • In terms of distance, it is 60 km away from Bangalore. Bangalore Airport is just 30 km away.
  • Difficulty Level
  • You can visit during the post-monsoon period, which runs from September through February.


The Madhugiri Trek

Madhugiri Fort, at 3950 feet in height, is Asia’s second largest monolithic rock. It is a difficult trek. Madhugiri can be reached in about half an hour from Bangalore. It is located 110 km away. Except for some tricky sections, the trek is easy. For the most part, the trek is rugged. It is difficult for beginners due to the steep climb and rocky hills.


  • Madhugiri can be found 100km from Bangalore, in the direction of Tumkur.
  • Moderate difficulty. Some stretches may be challenging for beginners.
  • September to February is the best time to go trekking.


Handi Gundi Betta Trek

Although Handi Gundi Betta requires a short hike to reach, you can enjoy spectacular views of Ramadeverabetta and Kabbaladurga. Handi Gundi Betta, a monolithic hill, can be reached via the village’s roads and farmlands. Although the trek route is marked, it is advisable to travel with a local guide and not go it alone.

  • How to get there
  • Easy or Moderate Difficulty
  • September to February is the best time to go trekking.

Trekking in Siddarabetta

Siddarabetta is a popular spot for hikers. Pilgrims also visit the Siddalingeshwara shrine, which is located within the caves. Siddara Betta is the name of the area, which in Kannada means “Hill of Saints”. The trek takes at least five hours. This trek is the most difficult of all the ones available near Bangalore.


  • How to get there Koratagere Taluk can be found 100 km from Bangalore, in the direction towards Tumkur.
  • Difficulty Level

Trekking the Devarayanadurga

Devarayanadurga, a popular trek that’s surrounded by temples and hillocks, is another. This location is both historical and mythologically well-known. It is 4000ft above sea level, covered in lush vegetation, and hilly terrain. This hill is a joy for hikers.


  • 70 km from Bangalore, in the direction of Tumkur
  • Moderate difficulty

MakaliDurga Trek

MakaliDurga Trek is the best option if you are looking for beautiful lake views, rugged terrain, and lush green trails. This Overnight trip is great for thrill seekers, nature lovers, and bird watchers. Makali Durga is a photographer’s dream. To participate in Hikes, you will need permission from Karnataka Eco-Tourism.


  • Distance from Bangalore to Doddaballapur: 60 km
  • Moderate difficulty

Horagina Betta Trek

This magnificent Horagina Betta is located just a few meters from Nandi Hills. Horagina Betta is a short hike that offers breathtaking views of nearby Channagiri and Skandagiri. The path winds through thorny shrubs, leading to Horagina Betta. Avoid traveling immediately after the monsoon as bushes grow quickly and it is more likely that you will miss trails.


  • Nandi Hills and Bangalore are separated by 60 km.
  • Level of difficulty
  • Winter is the best time to go, but you can also visit any other time of the year.

Ramdevarabetta Trek

This trek, best known for being the location of the Sholay movie, has one moderately difficult stretch. It is manageable and easy. You will feel refreshed after a short stretch. Ramadeverabetta, at 3800 feet elevation, is 70 km from Bangalore in the direction of Ramanagara.


  • How to get there: Ramanagara lies 60 km from Bangalore.
  • Easy or Moderate Difficulty
  • Winters are best so September to March is the best month to travel.

Trekking in Skandagiri

Skandagiri is the home of one of the most beautiful treks in the place. This is a popular pastime for millennials and takes place during night treks to witness the stunning sunrise. Skandagiri,


  • How to get there: Chikkaballapur lies 70 km from Bangalore.
  • Moderate difficulty

Trekking in Anthargange

Night trekking near Bangalore is possible in Anthargange, which offers exciting night treks. Anthargange is known for its natural rock formations. The journey’s highest points are its caves or temples. Anthargange, a climb of 4021 feet, is known for its large boulders and thick forest. It also has interesting trails.


  • Bangalore and Kolar are separated by 80 km
  • Moderate difficulty



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