Instagram Guides: A hidden treasure or another feature we won’t use?

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Instagram introduced guides in the summer of 2020, a relatively new feature. This was originally a feature that was only available to creators. Buy Instagram Followers UK

Instagram introduced guides in the summer of 2020. The initial version was only available to creators. Click Here

In 2020, the Instagram team made guides available to all users.

What are these Instagram Guides exactly?

Guides are an entirely new type of content we can post to our Insta profiles.The Guide in the image below is called Mindful Motions. This combination combines Instagram posts related to the topic with comments from the author and offers suggestions. Check Now

Instagram guides

The official Instagram account was used to take the photo.

You don’t need to include only your posts in your Guide. You have endless possibilities for your Guide.

Types of Instagram guides

Let’s now see what these Guides are all about. There are three Instagram guide types: places, products, and posts. Buy Instagram Followers UK

Places are the ideal type of Guide for travelers, bloggers, and anyone else who loves to share stories about particular places or experiences.

You could make a guide to the best coffee shops in your area or list the top five Instagram-worthy places to visit in Europe.

Product guides allow you to showcase any product in Instagram Shops. You could include:
A list of top skin-care products.

A digest with all the best DIY stuff.

Even a brief introduction to the hottest fashion trends.This type of Guide is more focused on visual content than text. You are the boss!

These categories seem to limit what we can post about. However, if you look closely and use Guides, you will see that they can be about any topic and even fit in one of the three categories.

Who are Instagram Guides made for?

Instagram is a platform for visual content, as we all know. However, that didn’t stop some people from creating long reads with captions underneath their photos. Buy Instagram Followers UK

Sometimes they even put the rest of the text in the comments section, as there was not enough space for the caption. You can let it out if you wish, and there is no limit to the number of characters you can use.

It’s not surprising that the Instagram team created Guides. These Guides are just one step in a long journey of improvement.

Let’s have a little fun

Assume you are someone else. Imagine you are a bookworm who uses Instagram to share your discoveries with the world.

There are hundreds of posts on your Instagram profile if you don’t count thousands. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the post about the sci-fi novel you read last year. Then you recall another book that was even more amazing.

Would it be great to combine all these children-posts into one mama post?

This is the Guides functionality.

Imagine you are a marketer who promotes a clothing company that has just launched a seasonal collection. Many Instagram posts are posted to spread the news. You want to get the most from your Shop’s new products. Buy Instagram Followers UK

Make your Instagram Shop’s collection guide fun and inspiring. Your Guide can be shared in Stories and DMs by users. You’ll get a broader reach if you place ads on the whole thing. The rest is history.

Posts details on Instagram

You could also be a nomad who travels around the globe with a backpack and posts details on Instagram. This type of content is best if you have guides. Creating location-specific guides that show cool places and things to do is possible.

Your imagination only limits you regarding the themes you can use for this type of content.

While anyone can use Guides, not everyone will need them to be a success on Instagram. The Instagram team created guides to be a way to spread helpful health information.

However, it has the potential to grow beyond its initial purpose and become a powerful marketing tool in the coming years. It could be that it doesn’t.

How to create an Instagram Guide

You must ensure that your Instagram is up-to-date to create your Guide. Buy Instagram Followers UK

Tap the plus button to go to your Instagram account. You’ll then see a list of all the content you can create on Instagram. Find the Guides icon (an open book icon) and choose the guide type you wish to make.Add the posts that you like to your Guide.

These posts can be yours or others

Give your Guide a name. You have only 63 characters to use for your title, including spaces. All other characters will be removed.

If you don’t love the default cover photo that Instagram has chosen, change it.
Two-three sentences are enough to describe the contents of your Guide. Buy Instagram Followers UK

Add titles and write your comments/suggestions/descriptions for each Guide post, if you want.

Instagram allows you to leave all descriptions blank. This is ideal for creators who only want to create visual guides. Sometimes you don’t have to say much to share meaningful information.


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