Top Attractions To Visit In Bogotá, Colombia

Attractions To Visit In Bogotá

Bogota is a busy metropolis that sits at an elevation of around 2,600 meters in the Andes Mountains. It is the nerve center of Colombian politics, culture, and commerce. Although the area was primarily developed by Spanish colonists, the Muiscas had been settled here for centuries before their arrival.’

However, Bogota is a place that contains landscapes marked by rainforests and the famous Andes Mountains. As soon you’ll realize that there is more to see in Colombia. So if you’ve planned a trip to South America’s northern tip? Without any doubt, start planning, make all nippon airways bookings in any class and save up to 50% off on round trips on every flight.  To assist you, we bring to you this comprehensive list of top attractions to visit in Bogota while visiting there.

The Gold Museum

You should not visit Bogotá without stopping by the Gold Museum, or Museo del Oro. When it comes to artifacts made from this mineral, it contains the world’s largest collection. In this exhibition, you can see the work of several pre-Columbian cultures side by side.

The Institute for the Study of the Past

Bogota’s oldest and most scenic neighborhood is La Candelaria. Its landscape is dotted with colonial-era mansions, restaurants, bars, and hotels.

The building is known as the Botero Museum

Colombia’s most well-known cultural exports are the works of author Gabriel Garcia Marquez and artist Fernando Botero. For over three decades, his paintings and sculptures have represented Colombia as its most iconic representation. In his paintings, he often uses elements of disproportion to examine a wide range of issues, such as the recent history of Colombia.

Usaquen is the name of the neighborhood in question

What was once a sleepy farming community in Bogotá is now one of the city’s most attractive residential regions. When in Bogotá, take some time to relax and take a stroll around Usaquen, one of the few neighborhoods that have maintained its unique identity. If you want to see anything different from the typical tourist trap, you should go on a Sunday or a holiday. If you’re looking for something to do during your vacation, the local flea market is a great option.

The Montserrat Climb

It represents the city and has become its symbol. High above Bogotá, in the Sanctuario de Monserrate, lies a stunning panorama of the city below. To get there, you can either ride the cable car or the funicular. Those of you with the most guts will venture up the 1500 stairs. It is imperative that you make the ascent while in Bogotá.

T and G Zone (Zona Rosa)

North of the city’s old town is where you’ll find two of the capital’s liveliest neighborhoods: Zona T and Zona G. Those who plan to spend much of their time in Bogotá’s nightlife will be pleased with what they find. The best restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the city are all clustered in this one area. However, you should always hire a taxi if you plan on going out late at night.

Lagoona de Guatavita

The Laguna de Guatavita’s elevated position at 3,100 meters above sea level is a major factor in the significance of the site historically. It is widely believed that the legend of El Dorado originated at this breathtaking natural landmark.

The Spaniards believed there was a land in the New World where the richness was unfathomable. They weren’t even remotely off base. One Muica chief named Zipa is credited with establishing the custom. The second group would have used wooden boats to reach the lagoon, where they would have offered gold offerings in the middle of the body of water. The centerpiece of the display at Bogota’s Museo del Oro, this artwork is reproduced in gold filigree.

Cathedral of Ziquatera Salt

Just an hour’s drive north of the nation’s capital is the Salt Cathedral of Ziquatera, commonly known as Sal Catedral. It was voted as Colombia’s first wonder, and if you’re in Bogotá for any length of time, you should definitely check it out.

How to reach Bogotá?

By air

Many nonstop flights to Bogota leave from European airports. Bogotá’s prominence as Colombia’s capital facilitates the discovery of a wide range of travel options.

By train

The infrastructure for reliable, scheduled passenger train service in Bogota is lacking. Tourist trains connecting Zipaquira and Bogota are now the only option for travel.

By bus

In order to go to Bogota from other parts of Colombia, you can use any one of several different bus lines. Popular Colombian bus companies include Expreso Bolivariano (which travels to cities all around the country and even internationally), Coomotor (which travels to most cities in the south), and Copetran (destinations in northern Colombia).


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