Top 5 Trekking In Kasol

trekking in kasol


You can take a diversion by taking some of the shorter routes near Kasol, or if you are following a longer route. If you are planning to visit Kasol such as Kheerganga and Sar Pass, the trail will take you past the forests and dens of Kasol to bring you to far-off places. Start with easy journeys starting from Kasol. You can also visit pangarchulla trek.

Tosh: The Picture Perfect – Postcard Hippie Town

Tosh, a village in the Parvati valley that is quiet and peaceful, is where nature shows its style. The Kasol to Tosh trip is 22km from Kasol. It can also be made from Barshaini, a lovely village located between Kasol and Tosh. Tosh’s beautiful surroundings are surrounded by lush meadows and aqueducts. Tosh is a bustling city, full of trippers from all over the globe. You can rest assured that you will enjoy good food and comfortable accommodations.

  • Trek Distance: 7.5km
  • Touring Time: 4 to 5 hours
  • Ideal for newcomers
  • Route and How to Reach: From Kasol, take a machine to Barshaini. Tosh and Pulga are reached from Barshaini.
  • Tosh Guest Houses: There are many options for staying in Tosh

Chalal – A Peaceful and Tranquility-Filled Hamlet

Chalal, connected by a narrow string ground to Kasol is a tranquil destination that nature lovers love. This scenic route near Kasol takes you to an antique vill, located at 7800 feet above the ocean.


This place is surrounded by altitudinous pines and passing cafes. It is also well-known for its highest yield of hashish. This place is for stoners!

Trek Distance 2.5 Km

Touring Time: 30-45 twinkles

Ideal for newcomers

Route and How to Reach can be reached at the bottom using a string ground.

Stay Options in Chalal Antara Bhava guest house (INR 500 per night), The Himalayan Village or Hotel Anupam are some of the options for a stay at Chalal.

Rasol – An Alone, Quiet Escape From Kasol

A hike of 3-4 hours from Kasol will take you to Rasol, a fascinating vill located in the heart of Parvati Valley. Thirty twinkles from Kasol is Chalal, which serves as the base for Rasol. As you stroll along the pine-fringed pathway, embrace the verdure and enjoy a memorable experience.

The trail is steep and fits in with the Himalayan’s rigorous travels. Rashol’s Temple of Jamdagni Rishi should not be missed.

Trek Distance 8 Km

Time for Touring

Ideal for newcomers

Route and How to Reach Rasol Uphill Journey from Chalal. After crossing the suspense ground, you can reach Rasol at the bottom of Kasol.

Stays at Rasol Guest House are available from 200 to 500 Rupees

Kheerganga is the Most Popular Escape From Kasol

Kheerganga, the Himalayan region’s most difficult journey, is thought to be the land where Lord Shiva meditated thousands upon thousands of times. Two routes can be used to reach Kheerganga, the incredible Himalayan den located at 9700 base posts. These routes depart from Barshaini.


After walking through thick pine forests, crossing multiple aqueducts, and taking in the beauty of nature, you can lift the path. The Rudranag route, which is instigative, is delicate, while the Kalga route, which is flat and has no trees, additional cafes, and resting spots, is more straightforward.

Trek Distance 14 Km

Travel Time: 6 hours

Ideal for intermediate position pedestrians

Route and how to reach Take a machine from Kasol’s machine stand to Barsanti. Further hacks are available starting at Barshaini and ending at Pulga.

Kheerganga has a variety of stay options, including camping and canopies. For as little as INR 200, you can get a bed for as little as INR 500. You can also bring your roof from Kasol to make your roof in Kheerganga.

Sar Pass Trek – The Most Difficult and Challenging Trek From Kasol

Sar Pass, a popular Himalayan snow trek, is one of your most difficult. This trail starts in Kasol and takes you to the terrible environs of Parvati Valley before reaching Barshaini.


For every adventurous rubberneck who loves packing and is prepared for extreme terrains, the journey can be grueling. The Sar Pass is a beautiful mix of terrains. It opens up lush green denes.

To snow-covered trails

Trek Distance 49 Km

Time for Touring 5 Days

Perfect for Experts

Route & How to Reach Kasol Grahan – Min Thach – Nagaru – Sar Pass Biskeri Thatch — Barshaini You can start the journey from Kasol, heading towards Grahan Village.

There are many options for staying at Sar Pass Trek Camps. These include homestays, guest houses that are fund-friendly, and camp stays.



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