Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing Outdoor Cushions


Whether you’re replacing your old outdoor cushion or designing brand new models, decorating your backyard should be fun. Many people take a lot of stress while decorating their outdoor space and end up ruining everything. This is why you need to remain calm and creative while designing your outdoor cushions. Stylish designer scatter cushions & cushion covers of many colours & designs – a gorgeous cushion selection to make your house a home. Buy cushions online at Koop NZ.


However, many people still make some mistakes while buying outdoor cushions. They either choose some irrelevant materials or neglect the importance of covers for their outdoor cushions. Nevertheless, outdoor cushions are one of the most important amenities of your house and one single mistake can damage your reputation.


In this article, we will discuss the top 4 mistakes that you need to avoid while purchasing outdoor cushions for your house.

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Measuring the Old Cushions

One of the most common mistakes people make is that they measure the size and dimension of the old cushion before purchasing brand new outdoor cushions for their backyard. Remember that the fabric of the cushion is stretched over time. Additionally, many cushions lose their fillings too. That’s why you should not measure your old cushions as they won’t be able to give you the proper size and dimension of a new cushion.


Always remember that measuring the outdoor furniture and the outdoor cushion isn’t the same. So, make sure you don’t become confused.

You Don’t Consider the Climate

Choosing the best outdoor cushion is dependent on your intended use as well as your location and other factors. So, the cushions you purchased from the coastal beach might not be relevant for your woody outdoor space and environment. Fortunately, you have tons of fabric and cushion options to choose from.

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Don’t forget to consider the climate and the daily use of the cushion. This will help you to determine the best fabric for your outdoor cushions. For instance, if you have pets or kids, you should use spun polyester cushions as they are highly durable.

You Neglect to Protect the Cushion

No matter if you have covered or open outdoor space, you still have to protect your outdoor cushion from several elements. Failing to protect your cushions could result in faded colors or getting soaked in the rain.


If your home has to go through snowy or rainy seasons, consider purchasing outdoor cushion covers as it’s the best option available for you. The cushion covers will also protect your cushion from debris and harmful UV rays. Besides that, you should also purchase a set of containers to store your outdoor cushions from heavy rain.

Choosing Irrelevant Colors

Your outdoor cushion should look great so that you can comfortably spend enough time there. A massive part of that is to choose the correct colors as well as hues for your outdoor cushions. If you use few colors, your outdoor cushions will look dull. On the other hand, using too many hues will overwhelm the guests. As per Color Matters, colors are a powerful form of communication.


Hence, make sure you use one of these color combinations for your outdoor cushions: primary colors, analogous colors, earth tones, and garden hues.


These are the top 4 mistakes you should avoid while purchasing outdoor cushions. If you manage to avoid these common cushion-buying mistakes, you can easily design a comfortable, attractive, and unique outdoor space.


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