Top 10 fitness trends of eros fitness


The 2022 Eros Fitness Trend You Have To Try

1) Power plate


3) Yoga mat and straps

4) Full-length mirror

5) Indoor cycling bike

6) Bow puller

(Bow arms are not a result of long hours at the computer, but the previous trends; this one is a great alternative and can help you to tone your entire body. Just keep in mind that it requires going up on your tiptoes and pulling back on the bow eros fitness.)

7) Circular barbells for biceps/triceps workout

(A full-circle barbell will provide an incredible full range of motion for any eros fitness exercise. You’ll have to do some re-arranging of your gym in order to accommodate the barbell, but it’s worth it.)

8) Ankle weights

(You don’t have to put on the heavy weights before doing squats or incline push-ups. Light ankle weights will add just the right amount of resistance.)

9) Towels

(Unorthodox as it may be, a simple towel around your feet adds just enough tension to challenge your calves as you do any calf exercises.)

10) Dumbbells

(Dumbbells are a great way to incorporate new exercises into your routine. It gives you more options than just using barbells. Use it instead of a barbell on exercises such as chest presses and lunge variations.)

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Running in the gym

Strength training, speed training, and other workout options are available at the gym. HIIT running is a popular aerobic exercise. Because it is suitable for exercisers of all levels.
Compared with choosing an outdoor running venue, the treadmill in the gym provides you with a richer selection of venues mode, such as speed, slope, etc. You can adjust your running progress according to your own situation. At the same time, the sensor on the treadmill can detect your heart rate in time, making your running more durable and efficient.
Affected by the pandemic in recent years, many running races have the option of a virtual running race. The gym becomes one of the perfect venues. As long as you provide your running recode, you will get a running medal the same as the outdoor runners. Whether your goal is to build fitness, lose weight or get faster and stronger, HIIT running is one of the ideal workouts for you.


running medals image


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