Top 06 Companies That Do Extraordinary In Animation Services In the USA


Behind every art, there is a team of artists! If you are looking for the best animation companies for your business needs, you are at the right place!

Animation is the art of putting life into characters! Bringing your imaginary world into virtual reality is difficult. Nowadays, animation is taking over the digital world, and undeniably people love how it is becoming easier to consume a lot of different information through animation.

The future of animation in the industry is bright so far! So with the evolution in computer and gaming animation, the growing hype of animation has also taken over the corporate world. Today, character animation, in particular, is going viral.

Let us introduce you to the top 06 animation agencies your business can rely on for future goals! So without any further ado, get into the ride!

Choosing The Best Animation Video Company For Your Business?

So, here is the list of the companies that provide the best animation services in USA. If you want a professional and enthusiastic team of animators that can create eye-catching, compelling and easy understanding animation videos for your business. In that case, these companies can give you an exceptional experience. Let’s check them out.


In our list of the top 06 animation companies, Anideos stands out first for its animation services. The company is located at the heart of New York and has been in the industry, working day in and day out to earn this spot of calling the “first-rate animation service provider in the USA.”

Anideos are well-known for their jaw-dropping 3D animation videos that offer advanced animation, which is the best feature of this company. Now, moving towards what they are in command of. So Anideos creates 2d explainer videos and motion graphics that absorb narrative and give impactful vision to us. That does not end here!

The company has an expert team of animators that work on a clear strategy to give your business a next-level experience. Moreover, if your brand has its own story, it will make it ready to sell. So get their impeccable 2D, 3D and different animation services as per your needs!

Demo Duck

The second top-ranking company for the best animation services is definitely Demo Duck! Does it need a better introduction? It doesn’t need it at all. Everyone knows what Demo Duck is.

Demo Duck is a Chicago-based animation agency that humanizes brands! The team of Demo Duck, or I say the ducks of Demo Duck, are passionate, enthusiastic, and hard-working, which makes them win in every project.

Whether it’s about creating a 2D animation or an explainer video, they have an outstanding performance for brand awareness, product promotion and other animation services. Demo Duck is ranked for exceptional services in the top-ranking 2D animation companies list.

If you want to go viral, they can do it. They can make the best in everything, and it’s all because of the perfect strategy and mind-blowing creativity skills! So no matter what service you need, be it motion graphics, whiteboard animation, or 2D animation, go to Demo Duck!

Epipheo Studios

I would call Epipheo Studios the animation giant! They have the longest experience in animation. They are the game-changer! The Epipheo team thinks creatively when it comes to creating a unique and compelling video. So, if you want big results, go to a big company. Like, Demo Duck, it has also been ranked as the top-rated company for best animation services in USA. So get your hands on the best service for motion graphics, live-action, animation, and many more!

Yum Yum Videos

Award-winning Yum Yum Videos is a one-stop animation agency for all your business needs! With its headquarters located in Argentina, it is known as one of the leading animation agencies in the USA. So, listed among the top 06 animation companies, this company provides eminent services in all sorts of video content for product promotion, brand marketing, or promotional campaigns.


For over 10 years, the professionalism, aestheticism, and confidence of Explainify have made them the best of the best animation service providers in the USA.

The creative team at Explainify knows how to make a compelling storyboard and attractive animation graphics for businesses. If you want to experience a hassle-free, exemplary service Explainify is there to entertain your purpose!


Based in Dover, BuzzFlick is one of the dynamic 3D animation companies. I would recommend going for BuzzFlick! The company focuses on adding value to new businesses through its creative and interactive animation production in the form of 2D and 3D content.

Buzz Flick is the popular choice for small and large-scale businesses for their killer script for corporate videos, explainer videos, and whiteboard animation videos. BuzzFlick adds the pinch of perfectionism to everything they make!


To conclude, we want the best for our business fellowmen! The animation companies mentioned here has everything you need to grow your business.


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