Tips to set effective schedule for competitive exam preparation


In movies, you might have seen a jinn with a magic lamp that completes a person’s wishes. Well, it’s not going to happen in real life. In reality, you are the one to complete your wishes. Your goal and your future, both are in your hands. Now, the prime question is how can you achieve your goals. Well, the answer to this is by following a proper schedule and the right strategy.

If you aim to crack a competitive exam, the tactics to make a suitable schedule mentioned in this article will prove effective for you. Make sure to follow the rewarding tips mentioned below and make a fruitful timetable for competitive exam preparation because if your timetable lacks planning and strategy, it won’t help you acquire positive outcomes. Don’t think that you need to follow different tips for various competitive exams because the tips mentioned below will help you ace every exam preparation including SSC CGL, railway, banking defence etc.

Here is a foolproof schedule that aspirants can follow while preparing for the competitive exam:

Define short-term and long-term goals

Are you clear about what you want to achieve? If yes, then why not fix your short-term and long-term goals? Remember that having a cutthroat idea of your goals will help you make the best strategy that will help you achieve the desired target. Well, if you haven’t set short-term and long-term goals before, you might get confused doing this task. Don’t worry! We are here to assist you. Let’s have a look at the underneath points to set your study goals:

Observe the syllabus and look at the topics you have to cover. Distribute the topics in smaller chunks and allocate a particular time to cover them. This way, you can set your short-term study goals.

Never skip your daily tasks because completing short-term goals regularly will help you achieve long-term goals.


Make a plan to study each subject

Every subject and every topic is different in its own way and the methodology to understand them is completely different. The strategy to grasp theoretical subjects may not work on practical subjects. Therefore, it is imperative to make a different plan for each subject. Here are some tips you can follow to study distinct subjects for the competitive exam:

Prepare notes to grasp topics in a better and speedy way.

Use relevant diagrams, flowcharts and examples for better understanding.
While studying, highlight important keywords and headings for later use.
Use short tricks and formulas to solve questions quickly and accurately.

Fix small but more study sessions

Can you study consistently for long hours without getting tired? Of course not! You may lose your concentration after some time and your brain and body will convince you to take some rest. It is because the human brain can’t focus on something for a long time and his mind starts wandering after a specific time. Therefore, never fix long study sessions to prepare for the competitive exam. Instead, fix small but more study sessions to study productively and achieve better outcomes.

Arrange your study space

Unquestionably, your study space must be quiet, properly ventilated, bright and free from distraction if you want to start your competitive exam preparation efficiently. So, choose a suitable study space, declutter it, arrange proper lighting, and arrange your notes and study material. Afterward, check whether there are distracting elements in your room or not. If yes, remove each of them from your room to 100% concentrate on your competitive exam preparation.

Clear your doubts every day

This is the most important part of your study schedule because having ample doubts in your mind will lose your confidence. This will also make you feel nervous while attempting the exam and further will impact your performance. So, make sure to clear doubts every day so that you will be left with no doubts on the exam day. If you are unable to solve your doubts all alone, either you can seek help from the internet or approach a reliable source that has in-depth knowledge of the concepts. For instance, if you have a number of doubts regarding some concepts of the SSC CHSL exam, you can join a coaching institute that is apt at providing the best SSC CHSL Coaching in Chandigarh.

Wrapping up

To wrap up, this is all you need to consider while planning a study schedule for your competitive exam preparation. So, never miss any point to craft a productive schedule for exam preparation.


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