Three Less Common Approaches To Sell Clothing & Accessories Business


When it comes to sell clothing & accessories business, there are some common strategies that most sellers use. These strategies include listing their clothing & accessories company with a business broker, talking to their competitors who might want to acquire in order to expand, and posting for sale by seller ads. These strategies are in fact very successful to sell a clothing & accessories company, but if you are a seller and you are ready to retire, it is a good idea to know more options. There are three less common approaches that most sellers either overlook or don’t prefer to use when selling their company. These approaches are discussed below and

1: Employee Stock Option Program

Employ Stock Option Program or ESOP is a good selling option for those owners who have several employees and a few years to plan head before selling their clothing & accessories company. This program is usually set up by a solicitor and administered by a financial institution like a bank. This program enables the employees of a clothing & accessories company to have a small part of their wages and salaries set aside into a separate fund that will be used to buy out the company owner at a particular date in the future. This time period is usually five years or more. There are some really good advantages of using this less common approach to sell your clothing & accessories company. For example, you don’t have to worry about marketing the sale of your company. Also the buyers are well-versed with the business and your company’s operations. Another great advantage is that there’s no question about how to generate funds to make the purchase.

2: Turning the Clothing & Accessories Company Over To Offspring

The tradition of turning the company over the offspring is very old, but barely practiced in present time. This is mainly because of the lack of interest from younger generation in their family business. Until recently, this tradition has started getting popularity once again as a method of selling a company. If you have qualified family members who can run your clothing & accessories company, you can hand over your company to them with peace of mind. One important thing that you should do is to make sure your family members who are going to acquire your company. If all parties are agreed on this point, it is a really good option to sell the company to a family member and

3: Sell Company To Outplacement Professionals

There are outplacement organizations and departments in companies that help unemployed or laid off employees to find a new work. These organization and departments can introduce those seeking jobs to promising business opportunities. An outplacement organization can actually be a very good resource of potential purchasers.

These are three less common selling strategies that you can take into consideration in order to sell your clothing & accessories company.

Another big mistake that most first time sellers make is that they set an asking price that is too high or unrealistic.

This high price doesn’t match the documented income and sellers claim.  That the asking price is right because actual income is higher than the reported. Some sellers use this strategy, but it doesn’t bring good results. If your asking price is too high or unrealistic, it will turn off the potential buyer. This is mainly because unrealistic price will raise some serious doubts in the buyer’s mind about your honesty. This will also mean that you are trying to cheat the taxing authorities so there is a possibility that you are also trying to cheat the buyer. In this case, you will lose a qualified buyer and it is also possible that word will leak out to tax agencies, including the IRS. This simply means some serious trouble for the seller. This may include both civil and legal penalties. In addition to this, potential buyer can sue the seller for misrepresentation.


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