The Pros and Cons of Evaporative Cooling

evaporative cooling service

You might have an air conditioner, but have you ever considered upgrading to an evaporative cooling service system? 

Yes, it’s different from regular  air conditioning systems. Often, it’s even a better option. But what makes it a better choice? 

In this article, we will discuss how evap cooling works, its pros and cons, and why it is a better alternative. 

Evap cooling vs. Air conditioning

The first thing you should know is the difference between evaporative cooling and air conditioning. People often mistake one for another, but they work in unique ways. 


Air conditioning takes the air inside your home, passes it through a fan coil to cool it down, and then returns the cooled-down air to the room. Because of this procedure, all doors and windows must be closed so that the created cold air does not escape. You must also wait for a while to enjoy the cool air.

But an evaporating cooling system follows a different, ingenious method. In simple terms, it evaporates water and cools the air. It first sucks in fresh, warm, dry air from outside your house through a cooling unit placed on top of the roof. This unit connects to a network of outlets, or ducts, strategically located throughout the structure. 

After passing through wet pads or quilts, the warm air is filtered, which causes the air to cool and become moist. This method enables the use of evaporative cooling systems in open regions.

Pros of Evap Cooling

The pros of evap cooling systems are as below. 

1.Low installation costs

The installation cost of the evaporative cooling service varies. Smaller units need simple installation. But, a ducted evaporative cooler needs ductwork and vents placement throughout the home. 

2.Low maintenance costs

Evaporative coolers need little maintenance because of fewer moving components and basic technology. The actual operating and maintenance expenses depend on the evap cooling unit’s cooling capacity and fan speed. But there is no doubt that the charge will be less than that of air conditioning.

3.Energy Saving 

One primary advantage of evap cooling is that it uses far less energy than a regular air conditioner. It has become quite essential due to our rising concerns for our planet. To give you an idea, it uses 50% to 75% less power than a regular air conditioner. 

You save a considerable amount of energy because an evap cooler does not have a compressor or refrigerant operation.

4.Filters air 

Another benefit of using an evaporative cooler is that it sucks in heated air, filters it by circulating it through wet pads, and spreads it around the area. It also captures pollen, dust particles, and other allergens in the air before circulating clean and fresh air. 

Most importantly, the air conditioners circulate dry air. But, evaporative systems offer a consistent flow of fresh air and a stable humidity level.

5.Eco-friendly and healthy

An evaporative cooling system improves air quality and allows you to breathe fresh air without drying out the environment. 

It also employs non-polluting, environmentally friendly technology, which has various advantages. Evaporative cooling uses 80% less energy than air conditioners and maintains optimal humidity levels without the use of refrigerants such as HCFCs and CFCs.

Cons of Evap Cooling

Now, let’s see what the cons of evap cooling are. 

1.Not Suitable for Humid Environments 

In hot and humid weather, evaporative coolers cannot provide the same thermal comfort as air conditioners because excessive humidity interferes with the air’s capacity to absorb additional moisture. This will undoubtedly limit the operation of your evaporative cooler. 

2.Consequences of High Humidity 

Low humidity might be harmful to your health, but so is high humidity. Overusing an evaporative cooler causes moisture accumulation, which promotes mould growth, dust mites, and mildew in enclosed spaces. 

Overuse of an evaporative cooler can cause asthma and allergy problems. 

It is also critical to remember that a badly maintained evaporative cooler may turn into a breeding place for mosquitoes and viruses.


There’s no contest between air conditioning and evap cooling. Only your needs and conditions decide who the winner is. And seeing the pros outweigh the cons, an evaporative cooling system is a worthy purchase. 

Remember what we have discussed while looking for cooling systems for your home or office, and you’re good to go.

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