The power of rugs: how to enhance your living room space


A lot of people think that rugs are just, well, rugs! They don’t think they have much impact on the look or feel of their living room area, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Rugs can make or break your living room area and here we’ll explain why and tell you what the key to a perfect living room rug setup really is.

Things You Need to Know About Rugs

Rugs do more than just create a more cozy atmosphere for your living space. These subtle pieces can dramatically alter any room, often for less money than a painting or piece of furniture. And because most people are on a tight budget when they’re furnishing their home, finding an affordable way to make a big impact is essential. If you’re looking to decorate without breaking the bank, it may be time to add a few area rugs!

Don’t Skimp on Size

A good area rug should be large enough that two people can sit on it facing each other.  Rugs placed near windows should be long enough and wide enough to accommodate several pairs of shoes or boots. Avoid placing any furniture directly in front of a rug; you want to create an open floor plan around your home’s most defining decor item.

Consider Durability

While there’s no one best living room rug material, there are certainly plenty to choose from. One thing that all rug materials have in common is durability – after all, they all need to hold up in high-traffic areas. Here are some of our favorites. Wool rugs can be a bit pricey but they’re extremely durable and usually washable (not that you should plan on washing your new rug any time soon). If you want something beautiful with a little less upkeep, try silk or wool-blend carpeting.

Think About Cleaning Needs

Your kitchen is busy. Food spills, dropped crumbs and pet messes mean it’s one of the busiest rooms in your home. This can make cleaning your kitchen floor difficult, especially since most traditional kitchen mats are just not built for cleaning ease. On top of that, these mats often serve as a secondary source for spreading dirt around. Kitchen Rugs will work better in both areas by laying down a foundation that’s easy to clean and can also help you keep organized. Additionally, many rugs are versatile enough to also be used in other parts of your home such as hallway or mudroom areas that can see frequent food use and dirt messes during seasonally tough weather months like winter time.

Carpet or Area Rug?

It all depends on what you’re trying to do. Some homeowners like a little of both in their living rooms and that’s not a bad idea. If you have nice hardwood floors, then you can put a kitchen rug in front of your sink or stove so spills are contained and don’t stain or scratch your flooring. Carpet isn’t necessarily good at protecting floors, but it’s great at making a space feel cozy, warm and inviting. It also helps fill empty spaces while adding color and texture to any room. Not sure where you want carpet or an area rug? Start with one main rug (the anchor) which will define some boundaries for open space as well as indicate some areas for furniture arrangement.

Choose a Color Scheme

You can choose a rug in a solid color, but if you want an area rug that doesn’t need a lot of fussing over—and looks as good as it did on day one after years of wear and tear—you should choose something with at least three colors. As with most decorating elements, neutral colors are always easiest to work with. However, if you’re going for something brighter or more colorful, feel free to incorporate it into one or two complementary pieces like throw pillows or area wall art. When choosing colors for your area rug, make sure they coordinate with any other colors in your space.

Pick the Right Texture

Rugs aren’t just for kitchen renovation Dubai, they can also be put in other rooms in your house. If you have a kitchen with a tile floor, you need to pick up a kitchen rug if you plan on sitting down and enjoying meals with others. Avoid slippery floors by picking up an area rug that has a slightly rough texture or ridges. Rugs are also great for adding some color into otherwise bland spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms, where they add much-needed splashes of color. Whether you plan on placing rugs throughout your home or just one in one specific place, make sure that it suits its surroundings well and is versatile enough to move around when necessary. Rugs are a great investment whether they’re used as decor or stepping stones!

Choose Pattern Wisely

The color, size and shape of a rug can dramatically alter a room’s entire aesthetic. Opt for something in an animal print to help define an area or choose a small rug near your coffee table so guests don’t trip over it. Your choice should also be an extension of your overall design aesthetic—maybe that’s farmhouse chic, or Scandinavian minimalism, which would require different types of rugs. It all dependson what look you’re going for! If you’re looking for inspiration, then check out our guide to choosing rugs.


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