The Only Greetings and Farewells You’ll Ever Need in Spanish


Whether you’re traveling to Spain or living in the United States with Spanish-speaking friends, it’s always a good idea to learn some Spanish greetings and farewells. The Spanish have so many fun ways to say hello and goodbye, which makes their language one of the most beautiful languages in the world! This article will teach you some of the most useful Spanish greetings and farewells that will help you make friends and win hearts wherever you go. Vamos! Let’s learn!

How to say hello in Spanish

Hello! The most common way to greet someone is Hola. Here are some other greetings you might want to know:

  • Buenos días: Good morning
  • Buenos tardes: Good afternoon
  • Buenas noches: Good evening/night
  • Buenas tardes, mi amor: Good afternoon, my love
  • Adiós: Goodbye

How to say good morning in Spanish

Buenos Días: The formal way to say good morning is to use the title señor or señora plus the person’s name. For example, Good morning, Señora González or Good morning, Señora Sánchez. However, this greeting is typically only used in a business setting. On the flip side of that coin you can also use buenos días as an informal way of saying good morning.

How to say goodbye in Spanish

Goodbye is said as Adios or Hasta luego. The latter is more casual. Use Hasta pronto to say goodbye for a short period of time, like when you’re going out for dinner with a friend. It means see you soon.

In Spanish-speaking cultures, it’s common for people to end their phone conversations by saying Adiós. It’s another way of saying goodbye, so it can be used at the end of any type of conversation.

To make someone feel better after they’ve been rejected, tell them Adiós con un abrazo!

How to say thank you in Spanish

  • Use this word to thank someone for giving you something, or when you’re expressing gratitude for a favor.
  • Muchas gracias. This phrase is more formal than gracias, but can still be used when thanking someone for a favor or gift. It’s also a good way to express extreme gratitude for something that’s been done for you.
  • Gracias por todo. Thank you so much for everything.
  • Que tenga UN buen viaje. Have a nice trip!
  • Hasta luego! Goodbye until we meet again!
  • Hasta mañana. Goodnight, see you tomorrow!

How to ask where is the bathroom/restroom (Comedor)

Saludos! In this post, we’ll provide you with some useful Spanish greetings and farewells for every situation. There are different ways to say hello or goodbye depending on where you are, who’s present, what the time of day is, or if you’re leaving a place permanently. We’ve compiled a list of phrases that will help guide your next interactions in Spanish.

How to tell someone you are busy right now (Ocupado)

We all have moments when we are busy. Ocupado is one of the most common ways to say you are too busy to do something at the moment.

  • Just a second, I’m ocupado at the moment.
  • I am sorry but I am ocupado right now.
  • Sorry, I can’t talk right now because I am ocupado. Thank you for understanding. Maybe another time? Hasta luego!

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