The 9 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Everyday Use


Google Chrome is used by two out of every three individuals who use the internet to browse. It is widely regarded as being quick, dependable, and safe, and the Lastpass Chrome Extension make it even better. There are literally millions of Lastpass Chrome Extension to pick from in the Google Chrome Web Store, and they may help you be more productive while also improving your overall online experience.

In addition to Editor’s Picks and categories, Google curates its collection; however, if you’d want to narrow that down even more, here are 9 of our favorite Lastpass Chrome Extension that we use daily.


At any one moment, I have roughly a dozen tabs active on my computer. OneTab is the digital counterpart of Marie Kondo from the Netflix series “Tidying Up,” who asks me, tab by tab, which of the tabs in my browser bring me pleasure. Clearing the clutter is as simple as clicking a button, and all open tabs are condensed into a single list inside a single tab. My laptop enjoys OneTab nearly as much as I do since it saves a significant amount of program memory.

Checker Plus For Gmail Is The Second Most Popular Program.

I have three Gmail accounts that I use often and wanted a better method to manage them all at the same time. When I use Checker Plus for Gmail, I can see all of my alerts and previews in one place, and I can read and delete emails without having to open Gmail by using Lastpass Discount.

Bookmark Manager (Number Three)

I’m having trouble with my bookmarks. More than I want to admit, and they aren’t in a very orderly fashion. It’s time to use Bookmark Manager. The Bookmark Manager can assist you in locating that long-forgotten Food Network recipe by using the Lastpass Chrome Extension. When you bookmark a website, this application will even recommend a folder where it believes the page would match the best based on its evaluation.

Keeping The Momentum

Momentum is a customized productivity dashboard that is both aesthetically appealing and easy to use. When you open a new tab in your Lastpass Chrome Extension, Momentum will serve up a picture, a quotation that inspires or entertains you, and ask you, “What is your major priority for today?” Momentum will then show the answer to keep it front of mind for the rest of the day. Momentum can keep track of your to-do list, show connections to your favorite websites, and provide weather updates as well.

Screencastify Is A Screencasting Application.

It is possible to generate screencasts and capture what is occurring on your computer’s desktop, inside a browser tab, or via your camera with this screen video recorder for Lastpass Chrome Extension. Using ScreenCastify, you can narrate and incorporate your camera recording directly into the screencast, which you may then edit to produce your finished product. Publish your screencasts straight to YouTube, export them, or save them to your Google Drive storage space.

Maintain Concentration

StayFocusd restricts the amount of time you spend on websites that might divert your attention away from the ones you should be utilizing. It is free to use. Configure how long you will allow yourself to spend on Facebook or YouTube, and when your time is over, StayFocusd will prevent access to the site for the remainder of your day. You also can ban certain sites or in-page material such as movies and photos, among other things.

Todoist Is The Seventh Most Popular App.

Writing down what I need to accomplish helps me to concentrate more since it forces me to be more organized. Unfortunately, I end up having an excessive number of lists in an excessive number of locations. Todoist allows me to get all of my to-do lists out of my mind and into a single location, where they are synced across my laptop, phone, and any other device that supports the Lastpass Chrome Extension.

The ability to simply convert a to-do item into an active reminder, organize and prioritize your to-do items, and get daily or weekly overviews of your successes are all available (ever so more satisfying than crossing items off a list).

Turn Off The Lights In Your Home.

When you’re viewing a video on YouTube, Vimeo, or Hulu on your mobile device, it’s impossible to get any type of cinematic experience out of the encounter. You may use this handy plugin to fade in and out the whole website, except the video itself, when you click on a light button. It may seem little, but after a long day of gazing at several displays, this will bring a grin to your face.

Lastpass Is A Password Manager.

In the end, there is Lastpass Chrome Extension, a password manager that stores all of your login information, helps you create strong passwords, and allows you to access your information securely from any computer or mobile device you own, even your smartphone. To access Lastpass Google Chrome Extension and all of the information you’ve saved in your digital vault, you only need to remember a single master password.


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