The 3 Biggest Disasters in Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai History

The 3 Biggest Disasters in Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai History
The 3 Biggest Disasters in Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai History

In the period of past 10 to 20 years social media developed with drastic growth and it is constantly growing with rapid speed. It is a proven fact than almost half of our world is now using social media platforms on daily basis. Regardless with the segregation of rich or poor social media platforms are used by everyone. Soon different marketing agencies got the idea that with the utilization of social media platforms for marketing purpose will provide immense direct customer interaction. This will not only increase the number of sales for organizations but at the same it will also be highly cost effective. As there are multiple benefits related to the social media marketing. At the same time there are many different challenges and disasters involved in the industry.

Biggest Disasters in Social Media Marketing in Dubai:

It is very important that everything which is growing with huge intensity should be controlled and well organized. Or it can cause multiple challenges and disasters for organizations and at the same time for common people. Here we will be identifying 3 main disasters in social media marketing agency in Dubai.

Calculating the Return on Investment:

In the early stages of the development social media marketing agencies invested very nominal amounts and achieved huge results against their invested amount. Since the competition in the market got increased. Investments are constantly increasing and at the same time returns on investment are decreasing rapidly. Social media workers are constantly generating new and innovative ideas in order to reduce their investments and increase the returns. But the life cycle of each and every strategy is very short due to massive influx of multiple agencies.

Crafting and Plotting Strategies for Social Media Platforms

As mentioned previously that approximately 3 to 3.5 billion people all over the world use social media platforms in their daily lives. And if we specifically talk about Dubai, more than 20 million people are using social media platforms. With these facts and figures no marketing agency would ever oppose that social media marketing is one of the most important things to adopt without any doubt. At the same it with these huge numbers in view creating the right strategy for the business is very important. Here most of the strategies got failed just because they were not able to target the exact users of their products. More importantly reach of social media is huge. Maintaining the right balance of your reach to the customers is also considered to be a great problem or disaster for agencies in the region.

Escalating Viewer’s Participation:

One of the most dramatic disasters of SMM agency in Dubai is considered to constantly trying to escalate viewer’s participation in their social media campaigns. Most of the marketing agencies throw their posts or ads like bombs on their customers. They always prefer huge quantities over posting ads with high quality. It is very important that you always try to interact with your customers via your posts or ads. If you post irrelevant ads to most of your customer, they will definitely start ignoring your ads or posts. Furthermore, constantly throwing massive number of posts also creates a negative impact on customers. It is a very high possibility that you will start losing your followers. And soon there will be no people to consume your content on any platform. It is very important for agencies to develop right posts for the right market segment. Different posts for different age groups are considered to be very handy most of the time. It is also very important to develop posts as per your designated areas of the region.


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