Rishikesh is a place in Uttarakhand where you will get a spiritual vibe along with the charm of nature. Large mountains as well as cliffs are also present here. Since this is also a spot of pilgrimage, a lot of pilgrims do visit here. This is not a place for pilgrims but also for all nature lovers too. The streams, waterfalls, forests, etc. are places of attraction. This particular place is known mainly for water-related activities. Here are ten activities listed below that one should never miss while visiting Rishikesh.


1.   River Rafting

One of the best activities here for the daredevils is River Rafting. You can enjoy River Rafting here in any season. But it is advised not to do this during the Monsoon season. It is affordable to anyone as it is available from Rs 400 to 1300 per head. This rate will be charged based on the season.


2. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is another adventurous activity suitable for all the daredevils who visit Rishikesh. If u come with your friends, then you must try Bungee Jumping with them as it will be more fun when you enjoy these adventures with your friends. You can do this particular activity in any season comfortable for you to visit. You must weigh between 35 to 110 kg.


3. Giant Swing

The Giant Swing is similar to Bungee Jumping. If you are a person who enjoyed Bungee Jumping then trust me you will surely enjoy Giant Swing too. In this adventurous activity, you will be acting like a ball in a pendulum, which will swing from one end to another end. You should never skip this activity while visiting Rishikesh. There is no particular season to try this activity. You can enjoy it at all times throughout the year.


4.  Flying fox

This name itself makes you try this, right? This is such an activity in which the person will be rolling over the ground with wire at a speed of approximately 160 km/hr and then he will be going back. This is also an adventure that you can try at any time of the year.


5.  Cliff Jumping

In Cliff Jumping you will experience it by jumping from the top of a cliff to the river Ganga. This cliff will be approximately 20 to 50 ft in height. You will be so excited after experiencing this adventure for sure. This adventure can be performed by both beginners as well as experts as well. All the safety measures will be undertaken by the concerned authorities. You can perform this activity from Rs 1750 to 4000.


6.  Rappelling

This is also such a great adventurous activity, which one should not miss in Rishikesh. In Rappelling, a person will be given a rope with the help of which he or she needs to climb through the rocks in a cliff drop. Your safety will be ensured by the concerned authorities. Anyone can do Rappelling at an affordable rate of Rs 1,500 per person.


7.  Kayaking

Kayaking is yet another adventurous activity that the daredevils choose in Rishikesh. If you want to try this activity then you need to be physically as well as mentally fit. You will be given guidance by several people who are experts in this field. In the Shivpuri region, you can experience this adventure. The cost per head will be varying following the demand concerning each season.


8.  Mountain Biking 

Mountain Biking is yet another adventurous activity that can be performed in Rishikesh. Just imagine the thrill you will experience while moving along the huge mountainous terrains present in Rishikesh. It will be surely a mesmerizing site for your mind and eyes, isn’t it? One thing you need to keep in mind is regarding your safety, you should also take requirements. You need to wear gears that will protect you to delve deep into this Mountain Biking.


9.  Trekking

Can any daredevil stay without going Trekking, especially in these mountainous areas? From Rishikesh, you can choose any of the routes for Trekking. While trekking, you will also reach a charming river. Also, nature lovers will enjoy visiting here as they can explore the beauty of the forest and mountains there.


10.  Parasailing and Paragliding

Parasailing and Paragliding are unavoidable activities that a person visiting Rishikesh should never miss. This is providing such a great opportunity for people to enjoy the beauty of the sky as well as nature like landscapes, rivers, forests, valleys, etc.


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