Stylish Plus Size Clothing That Will Make You Look and Feel Good


Do you have a plus size closet? If not, then it’s time to start shopping. There are plenty of fashionable pieces out there that will make you look great and feel confident in your own skin. Whether you’re looking for something to wear to work or on the weekend, there are so many great options available, you’ll never want to go back to your old wardrobe.

Get to Know Sophia Abrahão

Sophia Abrahão, owner of Fashionista Plus in Los Angeles, CA is a native of Venezuela who has been living in LA for over 20 years. She graduated from high school in Caracas, then traveled to Los Angeles to pursue her studies at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). While there she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Drama. Sophia began working as a model, actress and singer but decided that what she wanted was to do something for herself not just for others so she started helping plus size women find clothing options that worked for them. Her first gig was with a small store called Altered Taste in Tarzana California where she worked as an assistant buyer picking out clothes that would help shape their online inventory.

Why Wear Brands Matter

Instead of picking up anything from your local superstore, take some time to do a bit of online research. There are numerous websites that cater to plus size fashionistas; many sites offer chic plus size clothing at a fraction of its retail value. When you buy wholesale plus size clothing from these sites, you not only look good but save more money in your wallet. Take pride in your appearance—every woman deserves it!

Buying Tips for Petite Women

Choosing clothes for a petite body shape is tricky, but with some strategic shopping it can be done. Every piece of clothing you own should serve as an investment piece that you can wear over and over again, so shop for pieces that work well together no matter what your event. For instance, you can pair a blouse with your favorite skirt or jeans. Save money by buying things in bulk—you’ll have time to try things on in store before buying anything so don’t worry about needing to have expensive alterations done right away. Check online retailers; they often offer deals on wholesale plus size clothing at great prices.

Props Galore

Any fashionista knows that sometimes you have to go above and beyond to find fashionable clothing. It’s a lot easier to find plus size apparel at retail stores, but these pieces are often more trendy than they are timeless. And while off-the-rack options will suffice if they fit well, chances are they won’t be your forever staples. Luckily, there’s an alternative: wholesale plus size clothing! Wholesale products tend to feature simple designs that can stand up over time, so take advantage of wholesalers for your wardrobe needs. Even if a garment does eventually become obsolete in your wardrobe (perhaps because you buy similar styles from other brands), it won’t be long until you’ve outgrown it anyway. Invest in quality pieces that can last for years rather than weeks!

Attention to Detail with Color Coordination

The style of plus size clothing that you choose is important because what looks stylish on one body type might not look good on your body. Choosing clothes based on color coordination is an easy way to ensure that you’ll find pieces that match your tastes and complement your figure. Just as with regular clothing, it’s important to take care when pairing up certain colors or else you might end up looking a bit off, especially when wearing bright hues. It helps to work with a professional if you have a hard time picking coordinating outfits; even just getting input from another person can make all of the difference in choosing complementary colors.

Patterns and Prints in All the Right Places

Women of all shapes have always craved fashion, but it’s often difficult to find a dress or top that flaunts your curves in all the right places. From colorful prints to beautiful embellishments, our wholesale plus size clothing collection is full of pieces that help you feel confident in your shape. It’s easier than ever to find trendy clothes for women over size 16 today—and every day we’re working hard to ensure you can feel great from head to toe! Some might call it vanity sizing. We call it being proud of who you are and wanting others to be proud too! So don’t wait any longer – shop women’s wholesale plus size clothing at ShoppeChic today. Women shouldn’t have to settle for less when they want more.

Accessories To Finish The Look

The right accessories can make a boring outfit look totally fresh. To spice up your plus size style, try layering an accessory over a simple top or dress—for example, a chunky necklace over a basic white tank or a belt around your waistline to show off that new pair of jeans you just bought. If you want to use accessories in an even more dramatic way, think about mixing bold colors and textures together for an edgy vibe. For instance, why not wear black leather boots with a denim shirt?


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