Sony vs. myTVS- How do they stack up?

Sony vs. myTVS- How do they stack up

For some car owners, the factory-installed speakers that work well with FM radio stations or satellite broadcasts are adequate. True music lovers, however, can tell a high-quality studio recording from a subpar speaker. As a result, they can discern between the latter and a low-bitrate audio source. So, here is a comparison of the music systems for cars from Sony vs. myTVS.

Top android car stereo producers in India include Sony and myTVS. These car speakers are famous for their impressive high-frequency response tweeters and strong output. With these speakers, modulating high and low frequencies is simple. The output balances well and can accommodate vocals and powerful bass lines. These manufacturers do offer incredible sound.

Sony Vs. myTVS– Find the best one for your vehicle

These brands consistently produce high-quality automotive entertainment systems so customers can rely on them. So you can relax regardless of whether your new speaker, amplifier, or subwoofer is from Sony or Pioneer. Which musically stylish car accessories are the best? Find the best car stereos for your vehicle from these high-end companies.


Being a tech giant, Sony has an electronic empire comprising much more than just car radio components. Sony manufactures various products, including televisions, game consoles, cameras, and mobile phones. Additionally, it provides speakers, automobile audio equipment, and automotive head units. Sony offers some of the most fantastic car audio equipment. Sony has become a household name in the entertainment sector by offering reasonably priced, high-quality products.

A Sony vehicle radio will guarantee the dependability of your entertainment system. The system you wish to use is your choice. For instance, the operation of a Bluetooth audio system and a CD head unit will differ. You’ll find that multimedia stereos can assist you in choosing from a variety of materials.

The cost of any prospective maintenance is essential when choosing which Sony car radio model to buy. Replacement Sony audio parts are readily available on the market.


myTVS is the most popular brand of auto accessories in India. The most incredible car speakers reproduce music without distortion and in crystal clear detail. One can readily judge the sound quality and robust bass a speaker delivers by looking at its peak power and RMS.

You can choose myTVS car speakers that best meet your demands. They are popular for their design’s ability to produce a range of peak powers. Because they provide a loud and clear sound, these speakers are perfect for your car’s audio system.

It is a fully functional audio system for cars. The twin cone technology produces excellent audio, giving your car’s interior more bass. If you’re looking for a portable speaker with strong sound, choose the myTVS brand. The music from the myTVS Car Speakers is crystal clear and has a strong bass. It is essential for the audio system in your car.

It can endure 180 watts of energy and has greater punch. The music’s speaker’s crisp treble and robust bass radically transform your listening experiences. It is due to the double cone technique. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Vehicle Music System

Here is a short guide to consider when choosing between Sony vs. myTVS music systems:

Types of Speaker

Coaxial and component are the two main types of speakers that are best for automobiles. The low and high-frequency units work for coaxial speakers that come in a single frame. Tweeters are the high-frequency components, and subwoofers are with low-frequency components.

Peak Power

Peak power is a crucial aspect to consider when buying a car speaker. Peak power is essential when the speaker must manage power level spikes when playing loud music. Therefore, invest in speakers that can withstand such spikes or surges in sound volume. Always choose models with high peak power. 200 to 300-watt automobile speakers are available for purchase.

Frequency Range

The car speakers will provide clearer and more precise music to a larger extent as the frequency range increases. You already know that your speaker has to support a range beginning at 60 Hz for the bass to be strong. The bass musical note could also be more noticeable below 60Hz. Use speakers with a 20 kHz higher ceiling if you want loud music. You must consider this factor when choosing between Sony vs. myTVS.


The speaker’s resistance to electrical impulses is due to its impedance. It demonstrates how difficult it is to get the speakers to turn on. The lower the impedance, the better the speaker’s electrical impulses will function. The recommended impedance for car speakers is 4 ohms, but it might impact sound quality and reproduction if higher. Significantly lessening the speakers’ capacity to produce strong bass is high impedance.


The capability of the car speaker to transform the electrical data into audio signals depends on its sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity, the louder the music will be. The speakers can provide loud sound at decibel levels of more than 90 dB comfortably and effectively. Sensitivity decides how well a speaker can replicate sound from its sources.

That was all for the Sony vs. myTVS music system comparison. To choose the best audio system for your vehicle, you can visit CarOrbis’s’ online store. You may now get authentic vehicle components from the convenience of your home at a low cost.

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