Some Tips for Digital Photography and Your DSLR Digital Camera


It is a difficult topic to consider while using your DSLR digital camera. You are out there with a valuable and costly product that is difficult to replace. I am sure we all have heard horror stories about youths attacking others to get a cell phones. It certainly made me think about how to handle the situation better.

My friend and I decided to go for a walk and photograph wildlife on a beautiful summer day. This was not unusual as we both enjoy this type of activity and many other passionate photographers worldwide.

He soon realized that he was alone at the lake, which was a good thing for him because it meant there wouldn’t be any disturbance to the wildlife, and he would have better chances of taking some great shots and hire best clipping path company for photo editing.

He began by walking along the heavily wooded shore of the lake, where no other person could go but him.

After he reached the far end of the lake, about a mile away from his starting point, he saw a young man riding a small motorbike called a monkey bike up a cut of the lake. The young man sped up the footpath as though he knew he shouldn’t be there.

He continued to the far side, a grass path with thick shrubs and a high fence on the one side and no exit. However, he was still taking photos at this point.

He heard the sound of an off-road motorcycle much larger roaring behind him.

He heard the motorbike stop a few feet behind him. Then a voice said, “mister.” He froze and turned his head. A rather unsavoury-looking man was riding his bike, covered in mud, with his camera in his hand.

“Where do these paths lead?” The lad replied. My friend saw two more lads, one further down the trail behind him and the young boy on the monkey bike.

He quickly thought of pointing in the opposite direction to where he was standing and stated that it would be more advantageous for them to meet at the club end. The lad stood his ground, turned the bike around, and began digging up the grass with wheel spin while pedalling away and hire online clipping path service for image editing.

His heart raced, and he was afraid for his safety. He thought he could tackle just one of the youths, but he wouldn’t be able to do it against them all.

A simple, innocent walk can quickly become a dangerous and dangerous one

He turned around and began walking fast, without running. Behind him, he could hear motorbikes revving in his direction. Each time he got closer to them, he would have to stop.

There was nowhere to go but forward, which meant that once he cleared the lake’s back edge, there would be open grass fields to cross before he reached safety on the main road.

He was walking and assessed the situation. He shuddered when it became apparent that he had his wallet and mobile phone, a few different lenses, and his DSLR digital camera.

He felt safe once he reached the back of the lake and was on the open grass field. However, he could hear them still. It seemed distant or unfocused.

He sighed and then heard them try to navigate the wooded side of the lake. Some areas could be walked by humans, but impossible for motorbikes.

He was wrong. Two motorbike-riding lads appeared in front of him from behind the trees. He dived to the ground to avoid being seen, as he was certain they were trying to steal his camera.

The two rode almost right past him, and then they went towards the main gate. They stayed there until the other lad came around the lake the opposite way. They seemed to be talking for a while, but then they speeded into the woods. My friend ran toward the main gates and finally out of them.

The whole situation was more complicated than it seemed, but to try and explain everything would have been a book instead of an informative and actionable article.

He was very happy and believed that the first lad he saw came up to him to chat. It is sad that he has now vowed not to photography alone again.

He was not the only one who suffered that fateful day. We all can be affected by it.



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