7 Popular Types of Send Dunes in Rajasthan Every Tourist Should See

sand dunes of rajasthan

Rajasthan is recognized globally for its spectacular structures, forts, palaces, and rich cultural heritage. However, the Thar Desert is also renowned for its imposing dunes across vast stretches of the Great Indian Desert. The sweeping dunes are among Rajasthan’s most distinctive aspects of tourism and tours. The allure of sand dunes in Rajasthan attracts tourists from all over the globe. Further, the sand dunes appear beautiful at sunset and are a favorite honeymoon destination. Moreover, Rajasthan vacations are incomplete until you explore the state’s dunes through an exhilarating camel or jeep safari.

With the Rajasthan tour packages from LIH Travel, you can experience the luxurious tour of Rajasthan. So let us explore the types of sand dunes in Rajasthan one can experience during your Rajasthan trip.

Seven Sand Dunes In Rajasthan That One Must-Visit

1. Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer

Sam Sand Dunes is one of the most popular Rajasthan desert places to visit, which is stunning and has a fantastic time in the Thar Desert. Isolated from the bustle of the city, this location will allow you to forget your problems.

Here, you may see the stunning dawn and sunset. Apart from jeep safaris, paragliding, and quad riding, several other adventurous sports are available. Further, you may visit this place with family, friends, and a significant other to create memories that will last a lifetime.

2. Khuri Sand Dunes

The next sand dunes in Rajasthan must-visit is the Khuri Sand Dunes. It provides an unparalleled experience and is surrounded by immaculate beauty. Moreover, Khuri Sand Dunes is a beautiful escape from the monotony of city life, as it invites visitors to an appealing realm of sand.

This location is ideal for solo travelers who like tranquility and enjoy themselves. Witness the morning cast a spell over the desert, creating one of the most captivating sights. A camel ride is among the most entertaining activities. Further, you can enjoy a desert safari Jaisalmer Rajasthan here.

3. Mahabar Desert

The Mahabar Desert is among Rajasthan’s most magnificent desert locations, providing an exciting experience. This region is overflowing with activities and provides a delightful holiday, bringing out the kid in you.

Take a moment away from the routine of daily living and soak in the sand dunes in Rajasthan desert and enjoy the most incredible gorgeous vistas.

4. Osian Desert

With its glistening sand dunes and undulating terrain, the Osian Desert is among the finest sand dunes in Rajasthan. So this location, which is among the most spectacular tourist locations, is a great escape and a visual feast. In the Osian Desert, you may enjoy adventure sports like camel safari, jeep safari, and camping, making it the perfect destination for a family vacation.

5. Desert in Bikaner

These sand dunes in Rajasthan offer an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, Bikaner’s desert is an ideal location for thrilling jeep safaris and camel rides, providing an exciting vacation.

The desert is greeted by cheerful camels eager to make your journey unforgettable. Furthermore, Bikaner’s desert is a fascinating place to explore its breathtaking beauty. Also, it is an ideal camping spot for enjoying great dinners beneath a starry sky.

6. Desert in Pushkar

Presenting a soul-stirring encounter in the Desert of Pushkar, the captivating vistas of the sunset will captivate you. So the Pushkar’s sand dunes in Rajasthan are the definition of a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city, excellent for unconventional adventures with the locals.

It is also a paradise for photographers since one can capture the best images. Further, enjoy your vacation by engaging in exciting activities such as hot air balloon rides, jeep safaris, camel safaris, etc.

7. Khimsar Desert Sand Dunes

These sand dunes in Rajasthan are the ideal combination of beauty and adventure. Moreover, this is where you may experience the rustic character of the sand dunes and the beauty of the nearby little lake. The vision of the sunset and dawn creating a golden sky is utterly fascinating and touches your heart.

Tips To Experience The Best Desert Tour

  • Sunscreen is a must-pack item, and if you fail to bring it, you must get it as soon as you arrive at your location. The Sun’s rays are quite intense. Therefore, there is a 100 percent possibility that you’ll come back home with severely sunburned skin if you fail to apply sunscreen properly.
  • A hat is the second most crucial item to bring along. During a camel safari on a bright day, ensure that your hat is on your head. Otherwise, you may risk ending up with sunstroke that you will not appreciate at all on vacation.
  • Protect your face with a high-quality cotton scarf during a camel safari. So this will shield your nose and face from the desert and heat. Remember to bring sunglasses during your tour of sand dunes in Rajasthan.
  • The desert is both dry and scorching, making water an absolute need. Be certain to consume extra water than usual and be hydrated.

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When visiting Rajasthan, keep these seven sand dunes in Rajasthan and ensure to add them to your travel itinerary. Or you can contact LIH Travel to have an authentic Rajasthan experience.


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