Sailung Camping Trek Itinerary, Accessibility, Best Seasons To Visit, Accommodation

Sailung, Dolakha

Sailung Camping Trek, In my opinion, is one of the most underrated gems of Nepal. Myself being from the Dolakha district, home of Sailung itself, I can tell how amazing this trip can be. The unique landscape of Sailung is what makes you want to go there. And the jaw dropping panoramic view of Gaurishankar, Lantang, Dhaulagiri, Mt. Everest and more makes your trek even more beautiful.

Sailung is an area that is located at the height of 3,200m in the border area of Dolakha and Ramechhap district. Most of the area is located in Dolakha. Most of the inhabitants around Sailung are of Tamang community, who also have one of the richest cultures of Nepal. In Tamang language “Sai” means 100 and “Lung” means hillocks. Sailung has a unique landscape of 100 hillocks which change colors with the seasons. They look dry and flaky in winter, but with snowfall, they look mesmerizing. In the spring season it changes its color into green with new plants growing.

Highlights of Sailung Trek

– 360 degree panoramic view of mountains

– Different species of Rhododendrons can be seen along the way

– Unique landscape of 100 hillocks

– Explore Tamang Culture

-Sailung Camping Trek, is one if the underrated camping trek of Dolakha, Nepal

Best Seasons To Visit

Every season is best to visit this place. Spring season will let you experience lots of beautiful rhododendron forests. The winter season will let you experience the clear views of mountains all around. Around February/March, the snow covered hillocks would be certainly something to see. Rainy season is a little riskier and harder to visit because of the road conditions, risk of landslides, soil erosion etc. And leeches along the way are always a bother.


You can get to Sailung by driving 3 hours through Araniko Highway to Mudhe which is around 80kms away from Kathmandu. Then you have to drive another 2-3 hours through a muddy road to reach Dhunge from where you start your hike. After 3-4 hours of hiking from Dhunge you can reach your final destination. It’s hard for vehicles in rainy seasons to get to Dhunge from Mudhe because the condition of the muddy road gets very bad. But in other seasons it’s comparatively easier.


This trip can be best considered as a Camping trek since there are only small hotels as accommodation facilities around the area. If you want to experience the local way of life of people residing there then you are always welcome to stay.

Sailung Trek Cost

The pricing per person is 300$ in average.


The trek difficulty is easy to moderate.

Are there hotels around Sailung?

Yes, You can find small hotels in Dhunge. But do not expect any fancy and materialistic



Day 1

Drive to Dhunge through Mudhe (approx. 5hrs) from Kathmandu. Hike to Sailung and watch Sunset.

Overnight Camping at Sailung.

Day 2

Watch the sunrise and visit Shailungeshowr Cave. Hike back to Dhunge.

Drive back to Kathmandu.


How can you get to Sailung?

You can get to Sailung by road driving 5hrs from Kathmandu to Dhunge through Mudhe via Araniko Highway and 3hrs of hike from there to Sailung.

How is the road condition of Sailung?

Road condition of Sailung is average. You have to drive through muddy roads from Mudhe for 2-3 hrs which gets even worse in the rainy season.

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