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Facebook advertising is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to reach people with your brand. (followers on facebook) They are affordable and have a considerable reach. However, many small businesses don’t get the best out of their Facebook ads. Weebly released a survey that found 62% of small-business owners believe their Facebook ads are not reaching their target. This is a worrying statistic considering how many small businesses use Facebook to advertise.

Small business owners have the potential to use these ads to reach billions across the globe and, more importantly, to target the segments of people most likely to be your next customers. Although it may be challenging to master the basics at first, it is well worth it once you get it down.

Facebook advertising guidelines

This cheat sheet will help you quickly understand how to advertise on Facebook. It is easy to read and understand. This cheat sheet will provide basic Facebook advertising guidelines, including:

Types of Facebook ads

  • Facebook Ad Costs
  • Facebook Ad Targeting
  • Facebook Ad Copy and Creative
  • Facebook: Stay competitive
  • Analyzing your Facebook Ad Results

Different types of Facebook ads

When you start with Facebook ads, it is essential to understand what you are working with. Let’s begin by examining the various ad types available to you.

There are many different types of Facebook ads. These include:

  • Image – Simple visual ads of high quality, but with simple messages (more info here).
  • Video: Sound and motion videos (more information on Facebook video ads here).
  • Carousel: Display up to 10 images or videos in one ad, each with its link. More information on Carousel ads can be found here.
  • Slideshow – Use sound, copy, and motion to tell brand stories
  • Collection – These ads highlight products from your store’s catalog.
  • Instant Experience (formerly Canvas). Mobile-optimized, full-screen experiences for customers directly from ads. (More on Canvas ads here).
  • Facebook Canvas Ads Template
  • Lead Generation: After your leads engage with your ads, you can present them with a carousel or image or video ads that will show them a form.
  • Advertisements offering discounts
  • Post Engagement – Ads to increase page engagement
  • Event Responses – Video or image ads that drive awareness and response to events
  • Page Likes – ads designed to drive page likes, engagement, and other metrics

The type of ad you choose will depend on the type of your business and your marketing goals. So make sure to define your goals first.

Facebook Ad Costs

Facebook is a hugely popular platform for businesses, despite the negative press it has received about its data handling practices. (buy followers on facebook)  Similar to the auction for Google Ads, you can bid on where your Facebook ads appear and how much per click. You will indicate how much money you are willing to pay for specific actions such as clicks, conversions, and views. It’s possible to adjust it manually or have Facebook calculate the amount automatically based on your requirements.

Many factors can impact the cost of your Facebook ads, including:

  • When your ads campaigns are running (date, time, peak hours, when competition is fiercest).
  • Your specific audience
  • Your Relevance Score
  • Placement
  • You can set a limit for each bid or your average bid.

As you can see, advertising costs can be pretty variable.

However, it is possible to see exciting information from the averages.

Facebook posted considerable increases in the cost per click despite losing impressions.

These are just averages. Yours could be different based on your campaigns.

Costs of Facebook Ads by Country

What happens if you aren’t in the U.S.? AdEspresso conducted a study that looked at 2017 data to determine average ad cost in the U.S. and other areas. These are the results in U.S. dollars.

  • CPC average for all Countries – $0.97
  • CPC average targeting people 65+ – More than (Q1) $0.70
  • CPC average targeting people between 13-17 (Q1) = $0.11
  • CPC average for Instagram Ad Placement (Q4) – $1.15
  • CPC average for Facebook Ad Placement (Q4) – $0.50
  • CPC monthly average = $0.40
  • CPC average Sunday – $0.40
  • CPC average Tuesdays and Thursdays: $0.50
  • CPC average for targeting women (Q4) = $0.64
  • CPC average for targeting men (Q4) = $0.50
  • CPC average for optimizing for clicks (Q4) = $0.44
  • CPC average for optimizing impressions (Q4): $3.79
  • CPL (cost per like) average for the page-like campaigns – $1.08
  • CPL average targeting 55-plus (Q4) – $0.33
  • CPL average targeting people between 13-17 (Q4) – $0.04
  • CPL average per month – $0.12
  • CPL average per week (Q4) – $0.14
  • Average CPL cost for women: $0.16
  • Average CPL cost for men: $0.11


The ad cost on Facebook can help you estimate how much your marketing budget will be eaten up. You can adjust your targeting or other strategies to reduce your Facebook advertising costs.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Now it’s time to delve into ad targeting. This is where you identify your audience to ensure that the ads you send to them are relevant to them.

Your ability to accurately identify your audience will impact how much money you spend on ads, their ROI, and overall effectiveness. It’s worth taking extra time to identify the right audience.

Facebook Ad Targeting Guidelines Cheatsheet

Facebook allows you to dig into the characteristics that make up your audience. These are just a few of the many targeting options available on Facebook.

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Localization
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • Life events (such as “recently married”)
  • Education
  • Position title
  • Income
  • Political affiliation

These demographic characteristics help you to narrow down the audience for your ads.

If you want to target teens on the west coast that speak different languages and are interested in entertainment products, then your ad targeting breakdown could look like this:

  • Male/female
  • 13-19
  • Washington/Oregon/California
  • English/Spanish
  • Entertainment > Live events

You will get better results if you narrow down your target audience to people who are most likely to buy your products.

Facebook Ad Copy & Creative

Like all forms of advertising, Facebook advertising has a quality. The quality of your ad copy and your creativity will determine your ROI.

Facebook Ad Guidelines for Copywriting

Persuasion is one of the essential skills in advertising. Robert Cialdini, a famous psychologist, wrote Influence: Psychology of Persuasion in 1984. He outlined six principles that will help marketers convince and convert more effectively. These are:

  • Reciprocation
  • Social proof
  • Consistency and commitment
  • Scarcity
  • Authority
  • Like

Infusing your Facebook ads with these timeless persuasion principles is a brilliant idea. It would help if you thought about how to grab your audience’s attention, persuade them, and get them to click on your ads using different elements such as:

  • Make your headline short, clear, and memorable.
  • Placement (more information on optimizing your Facebook Ad placements here).
  • Images: Use vibrant, eye-catching imagery
  • Value proposition: What makes you unique; what you add to the world
  • CTA, or Call to Action (use an action-oriented and crystal-clear verb to drive action).

How can you make your Facebook ads persuasive? Reciprocation, for example, can be as simple as telling people that they will get a report or ebook if you fill out your lead form. Social proof, however, can be as simple as how many reactions, shares, comments, and likes your ad gets over its lifetime. Engaging ads are more likely to be liked and shared.

These are more tips for creating great Facebook ads.

Facebook policies

Facebook’s advertising policies were created to ensure its members feel safe, informed, and respected. When creating ads, there are many good-sense and (seemingly) absurd policies.  Here’s how to handle disapprovals and learn more about Facebook Ad approval.

Facebook: Outperforming the competition

It’s fair to look at what your competition is doing and try to beat them. If you deliver more value to your customers, you will attract their attention.

The Facebook ads of your competition are a great source of inspiration for how you can improve your ads. Analyze what they are doing well and where you can improve. This can be used to improve your ads, especially if they are competing for the same audience.

Facebook ads: Competitive research

Skillshare and Udemy both offer online learning. They have how-to videos and courses.

Facebook Ad Guidelines and Examples

Skillshare offers unlimited access to all its courses for $0.99 per month, while Udemy advertises lifetime access to one system and a guarantee of 100% money back.

You might find inspiration from your competition’s ads for value props, CTAs, or emotional angles that you can use in your Facebook ads.

Find out more about Facebook’s competitive advertising strategies.

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