Excellent Portable Green Screen Choices for Every Budget

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When you are working from home or you have a videography gig somewhere outdoors, a portable green screen can help on many occasions. These green screens are easy to set up and are as effective as bigger ones. Therefore, they are starting to become very popular.

During meetings, you can cover the background with a green screen and cover the mess behind you by using background options.

You can check some of the best options for portable green screens in this article:


If you need a green screen to attend video calls and zoom meetings while working from home, Webaround is a good option. Unlike most green screens, it does not have a square or rectangular shape, but a complete round. It has a 56” diameter and is very easy to set up. This green screen has straps that can be conveniently set up on any office chair. So, no metallic parts and frames. It comes at a reasonable price of $75. Also, the build quality is good for this price point.


For Twitch streamers who have limited space in their rooms, Elgato green screen is a good portable green screen. It comes with a convenient aluminum pneumatic stand that easily sets up the green screen. The size of this green screen is 58.27 x 70.87 inches. The green screen is made with wrinkle-free polyester. The whole setup including the screen and frame weighs under 9.5Kg. You can buy this green screen for $160. Elgato’s price makes it among the expensive options. Get affordable Spectrum cable TV packages give you access to free Primetime On-Demand. You can watch your full TV lineup, and up to 60,000 titles on-demand.


Yesker is a tripod-mounted green screen that gives you enough room for use in videography. It has a span of 5 feet x 6 feet. Like Elgato, it has an aluminum stand and a non-reflective and wrinkle-resistant surface. The Aluminum shell on Yesker makes it convenient to carry around. The whole setup weighs under 10Kg. At the time of writing this article, Yesker green screen comes under a price tag of $60.

Neewer Green Screen

If You need a green screen that covers some floor and background for making a video while standing, Neewer green screen can be an excellent choice. It gives you a lot of space for action thanks to its 5 feet x 8 feet measurements. This green screen comes with a T-shaped stand that comes with five clips to hold the screen. The only problem with this portable screen is that it can sometimes wobble. Otherwise, there are no complaints about it. For an $80 budget, it is a good portable green screen choice.

LS Photography

If you are on a shoestring budget to buy a green screen, LS Photography 5 feet x 7 feet is one of the best options. This green screen comes with four clamps to hold the backdrop in its place. The screen itself is made with non-gloss wrinkle-free polyester that can be washed too. But there’s a catch, you do not get a frame with this green screen. But the $16 price justifies the minimal accessories coming with a green screen. No attached stand makes it easier to take this screen anywhere you want.


Fotodiox Collapsible 8x14ft portable backdrop is another portable green screen with enough space for semi-pro photo and video shoots. The screen on this product is made with muslin fabric. It has a collapsible design that you can pack for shoots easily. But the problem with this green screen is that it does not include a stand or frame. There are not even clamps for setting this up. You can buy Fotodiox portable green screen for $100.


Westcott X-Drop Kit 5 x 7’ is a good portable green screen option for its size. Among other qualities, its light weight makes Westcott green screen convenient to pack with you for your next trip. It has an X-shaped lightweight frame. Also, the green screen is made with wrinkle-free and non-gloss polyester. You can use it for Twitch streaming, video calls, and product shoots. You can buy this green screen for $100.


Portable green screens are excellent for streaming, remote, photoshoots, and videography. Depending on the use case and your budget, you can find many products that match your requirements. Also, by compromising on convenience, you can get bigger screens.


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