Nag Tibba Trek Guide 2022


Nag tibba suggests a snake’s top. It is the most imperative top in the Garhwal district of lower Himalayas. It is assuredly the best trek in India. The perfection of this trek rests at 9,915ft and is the highest elevation in the Nag Tibba range. The Kedarnath top is especially observable in the north. This trek is for two days and you will experience an assortment of enthusiastic scenes, thick boondocks, and knolls. It’s an underrated trek trail near Mussoorie which partakes in its advantages and hindrances moreover. All around, it’s great for a week’s end escape. This spot is in like manner imperative in Indian fables. Nagas are acknowledged to be consecrated as they are acknowledged to have gotten and inclined toward with an exceptional spot on the neck of Lord Shiva. Nag Tibba is named after Nagas.


Tibba is a word used locally that suggests top. Close-by occupants regularly come here to adore and offer blooms and get enrichments from Nag Devta. It’s at an ascent of 3048 metres. Nag Tibba has a safe-haven at the top and from here you can in like manner see Bandarpoonch range towards the side of Yamunotri.

Length of Nag Tibba trek

It’s a 16km long trek and can be covered in 2 days in a manner of speaking. You want to cover very nearly 8 km in a day in 6 hours. The trek is seen as valuable for novices.

Inconvenience Level of Nag Tibba Trek

It’s a straightforward moderate level trek. It’s helpful for families, mates, or a private week’s end outing. There are two or three steep spots in the way yet regardless it has a consistent scene. You will find specific inconveniences as demonstrated by the environment and region.

Trail information

To show up at the zenith it will be a long day and after you get in touch with it, you start going down to Bhatwadi town. The way is lovely and the points of view have recovering properties and will incline toward your eyes. Exactly when you enter the Moriana clearing, you will find streams and cabins which will give an ideal town setting. You can see the vegetation tolerating the whole spot like a cover. You will see trees stretched out to as ought to be self-evident. The enthralling forest close by the gleaming streams make this spot splendid.


Nag Tibba Trekking Route

There are three trekking courses.

Trek interstate 1: This course begins from Devalsari ( 13 km). One can stay at the Forest Guesthouse. On the off chance that you move for 3 km more, you can show up at the prime of Nag Tibba.

Trek interstate 2: This course starts from Pantwari Village ( 8 km). This is a popular course. It’s most likely the briefest course yet it needs support as it is tangled.

Trek interstate 3: This course begins from Hunter through Thatyur. You show up at the platform way near Aunter. From here you can move toward the feign top and the course is basically straightforwardly from here.

Nag Tibba is renowned for week’s end treks, climbing, Beginners trekking, Camping, Garhwal trekking, and basic trekking. Trekking at Nag Tibba isn’t just hard. It might be done successfully by first-time trekkers. Flexible organisation is low and internet services will really believe yet you’ll have the choice to do Digital detox and point of interaction with nature. Fascinating dusks await you at Nag Tibba Trek. Experience the mountain culture and food. Experience enthusiastic affections for everything Nag tibba trek offers that might be of some value. People here are astoundingly adoring and very much arranged. All through the way, your mind will miss the choice scenes, woods, and grasslands. Further, it is a basic moderate level trek which makes it open to fledglings. The two-day trek is all that you need for that week’s end break.


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