MRF’s 4 Best Series of Cricket Bats

MRF Cricket bat
MRF Cricket bat

The MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat is one of the latest offerings from India’s cricket giant MRF. Crafted from top-notch English willow, the MRF Chase Master has a perfectly weighted pickup and a meaty sweet spot. Its simple, elegant design is reminiscent of an old-school cricket bat with red letters and green stripes. The MRF Chase Master is an excellent cricket bat for both casual and serious players, and the highest-end version is on par with those used by world-class players.

MRF Cricket Bats

In the mid-1990s, MRF sponsored the young aspiring talent Sachin Tendulkar, and the partnership between the two brands was born. The MRF Cricket Bat and Sachin became synonymous with great success. Today, the company continues this association with aspiring young talent. MRF’s 4 Best Series of Cricket Bats can be found online at a variety of stores. There is a cricket bat for everyone.

The MRF Chase Master is the higher-end model in the MRF Cricket Bat range. Made of premium English willow, it has a short handle and a mid-blade sweet spot. Mega cricketers use the MRF Chase Master. It is well-suited to English conditions. A typical MRF cricket bat is not recommended for beginners. However, if you are serious about playing cricket, the MRF Chase Master is a great option.

SG Scorer

The SG Scorer Series of MRF Cricket bats are made of high-quality materials. These cricket bats are traditionally shaped for maximum stability and performance, and are fitted with an imported Saravak cane handle for superior power and control. The covers also feature an adjustable strap for a secure and comfortable fit. Moreover, these cricket bats are designed with a sleeve to protect the head of the bat during play.

The MRF cricket bat are made from premium quality Kashmir Willow with a high spine and flat front face profile. Their design enables them to produce explosive power and good pick up. These cricket bats are very affordable and feature a multi-piece imported Sarawak cane handle. These cricket bats also feature rounded edges and a six-grain handle. They are also available for international delivery.


If you’re looking for a cricket bat, the best option is probably the MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat. This cricket bat is crafted from the best English willow and has the power and touch of a world-class bat. Designed by Ricky Ponting and made by MRF, this cricket bat is the perfect choice for the younger batsman. With a weight of just 2.15 pounds, the Ghost has excellent balance between power and touch.

This cricket bat is made from Grade B English willow and is priced competitively. It offers good pick-up and big edges and a large sweet spot. The MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat is a replica of the Virat Kohli original and is available in two weights: 2lb 8 and 2lb 12.


The MRF cricket bat has been designed to provide ultimate balance and the newest f7 massive countered edges. The length and thickness of the edges vary from 38mm to 40mm. The MRF Cricket Bat features a flat toe blade and grade A+ English willow, which is naturally compressed to produce the best grain structure. The MRF Cricket Bat also has 7-8 paralleled grains, which makes it perfect for any age group and skill level.

MRF Cricket Bats are known for their history of excellence, dating back to the 80s. They even sponsored some of the world’s best players and have remained an iconic brand in the sport ever since. Among their various series, you can find the Virat Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat made of premium English willow, which is also available at a high price. Additionally, you can browse through their ABD and PS cricket bat ranges, which are also impressive.

M&H Original

The MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat is the top of the range cricket bat from the MRF company. Crafted from top-grade English willow, this bat has a beautiful weighted pickup and meaty sweet spot. It features a minimalist design with green stripes and old-school red font. MRF’s chase master cricket bat is a great option for aspiring players, but even those with a little experience can find it an excellent choice.

The original is the brand’s best-selling cricket bat, made of the finest English willow. This bat features a high sweet spot and a short handle. It is one of the most elegant cricket bats ever. Despite being priced competitively, the DC 640+ offers an excellent balance of price and performance. The MRF Chase Master is also a great option for club cricketers. It’s lightweight and has a large sweet spot and edges.


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