Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA)


Modernizing Medicine is a software company based in Boca Raton, Florida. The company was founded by Daniel Cane, former CEO of Blackboard, Inc., and Dr. Michael Sherling, MD. They have developed a solution to help doctors practice their specialty more efficiently. In addition, the software allows them to create patient-friendly, interactive medical records.


EMA can streamline the entire medical record, including notes and patient education. It is customizable for different practices and physicians. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for doctors to use, and it allows them to write most notes using a mouse or touchscreen. It also allows them to automate documentation and billing. It can generate prescriptions, billing sheets, pathology requisitions, lab orders, consent forms, and more.

EMA is an intelligent EMR system that codes exam notes seamlessly. It also generates a bill along with the notes, which can help physicians transition to ICD-10. .

gGastro(r) 5.0

Modernizing Medicine recently announced the launch of gGastro 5.0, its fastest gastroenterology EHR yet. Compared to previous versions, gGastro 5.0 speeds up documentation by up to 20% and improves staff communication. It also features new features that improve patient experiences.

The gGastro mobile app helps doctors to see patients at the hospital. It also helps to confirm appointments and add task notes. It also provides a sandbox mode, so you can practice before going live. The company is located in Weston, Florida.

EMA’s ability to adapt to a physician’s style of practice

A cloud-based Electronic Medical Assistant, or EMA, can be customized to a physician’s specific style of practice. It can be accessed from a smartphone or an iPad, and has an enormous library of built-in medical content. EMA also has speech recognition capabilities, which helps clinicians take notes from their patients by speaking to the device. The company claims that its speech recognition system is three to five times faster than typing.

The EMA’s modernization efforts include supporting value-based care with the help of Intelligent Analytics. This technology helps physicians collect the quality measures needed for value-based reporting without any manual input. Moreover, it eliminates the need for a physician to check boxes that aren’t related to the patient’s care.

Its ease of use

Modernizing Medicine is a cloud-based software for physicians that provides tools for eight different practice specializations. It has helped over 140,000 healthcare professionals and 15,000 specialty physicians since 2010. The company’s clients include dermatology, gastroenterology, and allergy and immunology practices. Modernizing Medicine is focused on helping doctors be more productive.

Modernizing Medicine’s healthcare IT suite consists of specialty-specific EMRs and practice management software. It also provides analytics, patient engagement tools, telehealth and a patient portal. The user-friendly interface is designed to keep users informed and increase productivity. The software helps to automate tasks such as scheduling appointments, presenting information to patients, storing documents, and generating reports.

Modernizing Medicine has made it simple to streamline workflow. Its PM system updates appointment statuses automatically whenever changes are made to the Clearwave platform. Patients no longer need to fill out forms manually, as all the information is stored in the patient’s medical record. In addition, the system’s point-of-service collections make it easy to collect past due balances and copays.

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Its patents

In addition to their patented EHR system, Modernizing Medicine offers a full suite of health IT products and services. These include revenue cycle management, data analytics, and telehealth. These services enable doctors and other healthcare providers to improve their practice efficiency.

The company’s headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida, with offices in Santiago, Chile and Roseville, California. They have raised a total of $332 million in funding. Most recently, they secured $231 million in funding from Warburg Pincus. They also acquired the startup gMed in 2015.




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