Why Loft Conversions Are Important for Houses?

Loft Conversion Plans
Loft Conversion Plans

We always suffer from storage in small and congested houses but what if we get a chance to add some space in it and get more space to get rid of storage problems, we will not miss this chance because this will help us to manage our belongings or if someone wants an extra room for an office to not disturb the family  in the midnight so this is going to be a great option, in this article I, ll be telling some aspects of loft conversions, either you adopt it or leave so let’s get straight into it

What are loft conversions?

A Loft Conversions Barnet is a  perfect way of making more space in a house, you may add 1 or 2 bedrooms and a home office, study or bathroom to make it more spacious.

Types of loft conversions:

  • Roof light loft conversions
  • Dormer loft conversions
  • L-shaped loft conversions

Roof light loft conversions:

A roof light loft conversion is a common and easy type of loft conversion which is done into an existing roofline, we simply install roof lights into the roofline and improve its utility, generally, permission is not required for this type of loft conversion, this adds ventilation and becomes a source of natural light in your room, highly recommended who are concerned for ventilation and don’t, want to ask for permission., it just works by adapting a loft space into a usable room, firstly they create openings in the roofline and install roof light and complete it by not making any structural changes in it.

Dormer loft conversions:

This is one of the most interesting, popular and crucial conversions, you may have seen a house,s chimney and there is also another part alongside that looks like a chimney but that is a dormer which is mainly built to add more space.

A dormer looks like a window-shaped room that projects out vertically from the rest of the slopped roof. it sits on a 90-degree floor, this help to expand the headspace and floor space.

Who can add a dormer to his house?

Anyone with a pitched roof can add a dormer and make the conversion done.

L-shaped loft conversion:

L-shaped loft conversions contain 2 dormers onto the roof in a way that they join together, generally, one dormer is built on the rear roof and another one is built on the main roof which makes it a completely recognizable L-shape, the benefit of L-shaped conversions is that create a lot of extra space which will sort out your storage issue.

Loft Conversion Plans
Loft Conversion Plans

Stages of loft conversion :

Stages of loft conversion include the following steps:

  • Inspection of your house,s roof (typically done by an architect)
  • Type of loft conversion is selected
  • The conversion took place
  • Floor insulation
  • Floorboards are laid
  • Rafters reinforced

Then you are good to go.

The average cost for loft conversions Barnet:

The average cost for lost conversion in Barnet is around 24k£ to 44k£, but with additional options, your Loft Conversion Plans cost will depend upon what type of loft conversion you are choosing.

Can you live in a house during loft conversion?

This is all about personal choice if you like to live in the house then live, no problem but if you are sensitive to machinery, noise then it is your choice too so practically yes you can easily live in the house during conversion but if you don,t want then it is your decision.

Do you need permission for a loft conversion?

By the way, loft conversions are permitted to be done in homes under certain conditions with no permission but yes if you don’t follow the conditions then you might face difficulty.

Can we convert the loft without building regulations?

Building regulation is always required to convert a loft into a livable space.

Why loft conversions are important?

Loft conversions provide great advantages to your home, a home in a significant location increases its value but a home with signification modifications also retains its value so always use quality products and make the right customization, as far as loft conversions are concerned if you do it then you can enjoy an extra room, additional roof lights where the natural light come through, facilitates you with delightful  outside views saving  your money for moving somewhere else due to short space, and eventually increase in your house value

How long does it take to convert a loft?

Generally, loft conversion with an experienced builder takes 4 weeks to 9weks to complete additionally if you add styles and grills then it may take little more than 9 weeks.


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