List of tasks for spring cleaning of offices and small businesses in Texas

business owners in Texas

After a long winter, business owners in Texas can breathe new life into their storefronts, offices or commercial spaces with a thorough spring cleaning.

While regular cleaning and sanitizing should already be part of your routine, spring cleaning is different. Spring cleaning is a once-a-year opportunity to clean up neglected areas throughout the year and reorganize them icommern preparation for the spring and summer seasons.

After a long winter with the windows closed, even the largest and most spacious offices feel a little empty and perhaps disorganized.

But if you’re not a professional cleaning company, you might wonder how to do such a deep cleaning exercise. This is where a to-do list can help.

Why should I use a to-do list for spring cleaning?

Just like you make a daily to-do list or use a grocery bill to keep track of things, a spring cleaning to-do list keeps track of everything you need to do in one place. Thus, you will be as thorough as necessary. And you can make your to-do list as detailed as you want. In addition, a spring cleaning checklist can help you solve problems with organization, clutter, or general space management.

Glow up Clean uses a checklist like this to clean commercial spaces in Texas and Laval.

A Spring Cleaning To-Do List for Small Business Owners in Texas

To start, your complete list should include all the parts you want to focus on. We’ve broken down our list by the most common rooms, which are the kitchen, bathroom, and office, but don’t forget hallways and adjoining rooms if you have them.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning To-Do List

Bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected as part of your regular janitorial service, but spring cleaning allows you or your janitorial service provider to go a step further:

Bathroom cabinets/storage spaces

  • Empty cupboards and storage spaces
  • Clean
  • Rearrange, keeping only what you need.

Toilet and sink

  • Dust, clean, and disinfect hard-to-reach areas
  • Clean and disinfect the trash can
  • Replenish soaps and paper towels
  • Dust, clean, and disinfect the mirror.

Walls / Windows / Floors

  • Spray and wipe

Kitchen Spring Cleaning To-Do List

Depending on the type of small business you run, you might have a kitchen to clean (note that if you own or operate a restaurant, this list won’t be enough):


  • Empty all content
  • Clean and sanitize
  • Restock with essentials

Appliances (microwaves, teapots, food processors, etc.)

  • Spray and wipe thoroughly
  • Stoves and microwaves should be washed, scrubbed and wiped inside and out!

Tables and chairs

  • Dust, spray and wipe

Storage spaces

  • Remove all food items
  • Reorganize by keeping only what you need
  • Clean empty rooms by rubbing

Floors and windows

  • Mop the floor thoroughly
  • To clean the windows

Office room to-do list for spring cleaning

Rugs / carpets

  • Dust, clean and vacuum thoroughly

Cupboards / Storage spaces

  • Empty and clean thoroughly
  • Only put back what is necessary (hangers, etc.)
  • Ask employees to take out anything lying around in closets and shared storage spaces

Spaces reserved for employees

  • In the spirit of spring cleaning, ask employees to clear their desks of non-essential items.

Start spring in Texas in style

March and April are a period of regrowth in nature and your business in Texas. With this spring cleaning to-do list, you can see everything to do to prepare for spring. Cleaning, sanitizing and organizing the entire office will breathe new life into your office and keep it safe and comfortable until spring.

For all your Commercial Cleaning Services In Texas, call Glow up clean. It would be our pleasure to help you. Until then, happy cleaning!

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