Key Points to Consider When Opting For an eCommerce Platform In 2022


Starting an online e-commerce store is not always as simple as we think. You must choose the right e-commerce platform that fits your business needs and structure. So, multiple e-commerce platforms provide different features regarding different business types and requirements.

Be advised that if you are starting an e-commerce business, choosing the right e-commerce platform is the first step, and you might need professional assistance to start this journey. 

Following are the 2 e-commerce business platforms you could take into consideration:

  • SaaS-based e-commerce solution
  • Open-source e-commerce solution.

SaaS-based E-commerce Solutions

This is a well-known type of e-commerce platform by its simplicity of management and quickness of building an e-commerce store. SaaS-based e-commerce solutions are readymade platforms delivered through the cloud as a hosted service. You do not need to know to code; neither requires a technical team to maintain it. However, you have to pay some amount as monthly or yearly recurring charges for what features you need to use. Through SaaS-based solutions, you can focus on making the sales while your vendor will maintain everything technical such as customization, the process of payments, security updates, and more. 

Open-source E-commerce Solutions

As the name implies, this is a readymade online store builder having open-source code accessibility. Through, you can install a source code on any web host and set it up to your entire website in just a few hours. 

In an open-source e-commerce solution, you have infinite control over the site and your business. It has no recurring fees as in the SaaS-based Platforms. Also, you can customize your website and can get high scalability.

Now that you know the types of eCommerce solutions, let’s have a look at some essential factors to consider when choosing an e-commerce platform for your online store below:

Payment and Pricing

Whether you are starting a business or already running a brick-and-mortar business moving towards online, you need to know exactly how much you are paying. Some platforms offer flat rates, some charge monthly fees, and some require cost per transaction. It would help if you weighed the pros and cons of each platform to get the best in your budget. The price of the e-commerce platforms may vary depending upon your business’s size, sales rates, and the solution they provide. Some examples, such as Magento, charge licensing fees (yearly), while others, like Shopify, charge a monthly fee.

SEO friendly

Through SEO friendliness, you can get your online store highly ranked. When people search about the products or services your business provides, your website will be optimized in highly rated search results for your customers, and this will help your sales to be increased. 

However, SEO is quite an arduous task and requires expertise and time. Since it’s a time-consuming task, you might get frustrated with not getting fast results. SEO takes time to deliver results, but your outcomes are worth getting. In this case, it is quite a good idea to turn to the best local SEO agency in Toronto or any other region according to your preference. 


Another factor to consider while looking at e-commerce solutions is their plugins and integrations. Enlist the programs you want to have to ensure that products are ordered, packed, and shipped successfully. Also, see the current programs and if your selected platform can integrate with them. 

Mobile friendly

People are using a mobile phones more and more to make purchases. So, it is essential to evaluate if the e-commerce platform you are choosing is optimized for mobile users or not. If your website is not mobile-friendly and a customer browses your online store, your customer will be unlikely to purchase from your site.

To get the best e-commerce services, you need to make sure that the platform you are choosing is suitable for your business requirement or not. Many platforms serve e-commerce services, but every forum has a different speciality. Whether starting up a small business or already having one and moving to the online market, finding the right platform that matches your business requirement is the first important factor to consider.



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