Is It True That Disposable Vapes Are More Dangerous Than Cigarettes?

vape vs samoking

According to several research studies, many people want to quit smoking. However, due to long-time addiction, they are unable to do so. Only a tiny percentage of such daring people come out as successful in stopping cigarettes without any alternative. But the ratio of successful quitting stories to unsuccessful ones is disproportionate. The unsuccessful instances take the lead when it comes to leaving the smoking habit. 

Giving up the hazardous routine of tobacco consumption is always a huge favor to your health. But without a perfect low-risk alternative, it can be challenging—most people who leave smoking suddenly without a gradual plan suffer from severe side effects. For example, dry eyes, mouth, constipation, gum infection, bleeding gums, dizziness, and so on. However, by choosing smart nicotine (NCT) replacement, you can save yourself from all such side effects. 

The problem is what to choose and not to consider when replacing cigarettes. Well, you do not have to worry about this at all. Because we have already researched it, it is suggested to substitute the former tobacco consumption with nicotine products. Products like nic chew gums, nic patches, and disposable vapes will prove to be effective. Among all the options, disposable quality disposables prepared by vape brands are the most favorable. They will make your journey towards better health more accessible and faster. 

After all the proof and evidence regarding the safety of disposables, people still believe they are as harmful to health as a cigarette, which is not valid. Don’t believe us? Read the following information and try to analyze yourself.

Is disposable vaping as harmful as smoking?

To put your concerns and mind at ease, the answer to this question is: no. Both forms of nicotine vaping ( reusable and disposable) are much safer than an average cigarette pack. Public Health England says consuming nicotine in vaping is 95 percent safer than smoking. In short, most toxic elements and chemicals found in cigarettes are absent in vapes. Not only vapes but also all other products containing different types of nicotine. This is why it is still one of the best methods to leave behind the age-old smoking habit. 

How do disposables work?

The primary mechanism of disposable vapes is more or less the same as standard vape bars. They heat the e-juice and convert it into vapor clouds. The core difference lies in usage. Regular vape pens are reusable, rechargeable, and refillable. On the other hand, disposable e-cigs are designed to be used only for a certain period. The juice and battery capacity are predetermined in disposables.

Simply put, no charging and refilling is required in disposable devices. However, the plus point of these devices is that they are time-saving and have no maintenance. Just buy, puff, and dispose of properly. 

Vaping can cause death: true or false?

Once the news that is vaping in America caused lung infections and death went viral on media. However, no such incident was reported in England or Europe. This shows that the discovery had no direct link with regular vaping. And no connection at all to disposable e-cigarettes. 

Should you go for disposables as a nonsmoker?

Let’s come to the point without beating about the bush. A brief answer to this question is no; you should not. Why? Because nicotine used in disposable e-bar is salt type. This kind of nicotine is closest to nicotine in its most natural state. NCT is highly addictive and can be extremely difficult to quit for nonsmokers.

However, if you are still going to vape disposables, we suggest you go for 0mg disposables or nic free e-juice. 

Key Takeaways 

Vape brands, disposable or other types of e-cigarettes are not entirely safe. They pose a lesser risk to your overall health. They are the best alternative for former chain smokers. But the addiction may not be suitable for people under 21 and nonsmokers. 


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